Thursday, 13 August 2009

A little about me.

Ok before I get started on this snazzy new fashion blog, I thought you might want to know a little bit about me and my style :)

I'm a student, so my style is inevitably high-street based and I LOVE a bargain! I choose garments based on their versatility and wearability as I don't see the point in wearing something only once..(party dresses are exempt to this rule!)

I'm also a BIG fan of ebay as I love the vintage pieces and nothing beats someone asking where your outfit is from! (see topshop clone syndrome). I also spend HOURS getting ready as I love to look & feel my absolute best!

I'm 5ft1 and a size 10-12 so I think it's important to enhance my assets and hide the bits I hate! I guess you could say I'm an hourglass shape as I have a 36 bust and 28 waist... but I would say I'm more of an apple.. :( We all have body hang-ups don't we?

My blog will feature many recurring posts including;
mySHOP - a chance for me to show you guys what bargains I found & what I've been splashing my student loan on!
myMAKE-UP/HAIR - I'll reveal to you all my beauty secrets, my make up routine and my cult beauty buys!
myDIET/FITNESS - I think it's important to lead a healthy lifestyle and so I'll spill the beans on my fitness regime...well, sort of...walking to uni does count as exercise right?
mySKINCARE - I am soo fussy with skin products as breakouts are seriously the BANE of my life! I have normal-oily skin so I'll reveal which products work to banish spots and which products make them WORSE!
yourSTYLE - what have you guys been wearing on the street? Are you hitting the latest trends on the head or are you setting your own NEW trends?

and the rest? Well you'll have to wait and see... If you follow one blog this year, make it...

Style by Sophia

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