Wednesday, 2 December 2009

streetSTYLE - what are YOU wearing this winter?

In these cold winter months it's easy to forget about fashion and stay 'comfy' in a pair of leggings and a chunky knit! So, I took to the streets of Bournemouth to see who's on the fashion radar.


How would you describe your personal style?
'It's quite casual, I just see things I like and wear them! Most of my outfit is from Topshop because I work there so the discount's good!
Who influences your fashion choices?
'I quite like Alexa Chung's style, and Fearne Cotton!'
Definitely! Do you shop in vintage shops at all?
'Well, I like vintage pieces but I often think I can't afford them. But I quite like charity shops, they've got some good stuff in there! The best ones around here are in Winton, like Beau.'
What are your fave high street shops?
Topshop, Zara and Miss Selfridge in Bournemouth.
Do you follow any of the current trends?
'I know that layering is really in, knitwear as well. Normal, comfy winter stuff really! I wear my scarf EVERYWHERE! I really need a new coat so I'm going to get a long, chunky one!'
Are you off to any Christmas parties this year?
'We've got one at work coming up, and some others as well. I'll probably get my dress from somewhere like Topshop or Zara. I quite like bodycon ones with some embellishment.'

What's your personal style like?
'I wear pretty things and play it safe really. In terms of what's in style now, it's all very gothic looking. I love Topshop and all the high street shops like H&M. There's no real designer shops around here really, so I stick to the high street!'
Where's your outfit from today?
'The coat's River Island and the rest are from Topshop and H&M...the tights are Primark!'
Do any celebrites influence your style choices?
'I sort of mix and match really! I like Cheryl Cole and I read all the fashion magazines... Grazia and Vogue especially!'
What are you going to wear this Christmas season?
'Something sparkly from Topshop probably!'

How would you describe your own style?
'A bit of everything really! I just wear what I feel comfortable in. My outfit is mainly from Topshop, but the basic top and jeans are from Primark. The boots are from Rowley's.'
What shops do you usually go to?
'Topshop and House of Fraser. I don't read any fashion magazines or anything so my style is all my own... I wear a lot of skinny jeans, and jeggings are really in!'
What will you be wearing this season?
'Scarves, long tops and coats!'
Are you heading to any Christmas parties this year?
'I am but I'm not sure what I'm going to wear as my boyfriend is buying my dress! I would want something floor-length and silky, probably halterneck and in turquoise!'
What's your personal style?
'I can be casual but I can also be quite wacky! I like to shop at named designers like Hollister and Abercrombie. I also like Topshop and River Island.'
Do you read fashion magazines?
'Yeah, I read Look as it's the best fashion magazine for me. I read OK! and other magazines as well.'
What are your favourite trends of the season?
'I like all the lace and the backless dresses. Knee-high boots are in...but I don't personally wear knee-high boots!
Where are you getting your Christmas party dress this year?
'Lipsy! A black lace dress...something classy.'

Where's your outfit from today?
'My coat's from TK Maxx, the dress is from Miss Selfridge and the boots are TK Maxx as well.'
How would you describe your personal style?
'I like to be quite elegant if I'm going out for a night or even if I'm casual. I like things that fit my waist, I've got a small waist and I like to emphasise it. I like to be comfortable as well.'
Who influences your style?
'At the moment, I love Lady Gaga and her showgirl style but obviously I don't dress like that! I have my own style. I read all the fashion magazines like Vogue and Now.'
What are your favourite shops in Bournemouth?
'TK Maxx, Topshop and Monsoon but I work there so I get my uniform.'
What do you think are the big trends this season?
'Metallics, sequins, heavy embellishment, big puff shoulders!'
What are you wearing to this year's Christmas party?
'I've been to it already! I wore a bodycon black dress which had a big rose print on the front and back. It had big puff shoulders and was from AX Paris, a concession in New Look.'
5 lovely ladies talk to Sophia Moir in Bournemouth town centre.
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