Monday, 10 May 2010

How I Organize My Accessories & Make-Up

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't blogged in ages, hopefully I'll get back into it when I get some more time! :)

I'm kind of obsessive about this kind of thing (storage, neat+tidiness etc) so I thought I'd share some of my tips with you! I'm one of those people who loves having everything out on display so if you fancy your things hidden away then these probably aren't the solutions for you... For the rest of you (and I think that's most girls), read on!



I use this plastic box from Argos to store my earrings and let me assure you there are A LOT of them! I'm a massive hoarder and hate throwing things away :( This box has 4 trays, with 15 small compartments (so 60 little boxes overall) roughly 2.5x2.5inch each. As you can see from the picture below, I've filled up 3 of the trays so far... god knows what I'll do when I fill up the 4th! Probably buy another... LOL.

It's really sturdy and has little handles for carrying around etc. You can buy it for £12.99 from Argos.

(thanks to Anna Saccone of The Style Diet fame for the inspiration!)

Unfortunately it doesn't fit massive hoops in it, so I use a tray for those - the same as below.


I use a little tray from Wilko's for my bracelets. They come in packs of 5 for only £1.65! I'm sure you could find them in your local branch, they're with all the other big plastic storage boxes. I also use these for things like phone chargers, iPod adapters etc. Very versatile!


I don't know how well you can tell from the picture, but it's basically a jewellery stand shaped like a busty lady! I picked up this little treat in Borders, but unfortunately the company has now gone into administration (how am I ever going to get my People fix?) Luckily for you though, I did a bit of snooping and M&S offer mannequin jewellery stands online from as little as £15 :)


OK basically until a couple of weeks ago my make-up was all shoved into a big make-up bag, with bits falling out all over the place (how shameful). But a little trip to Muji on Oxford Street sorted me out a treat :) (thanks to Bubblegarm for the idea!)

Result! My make-up is now super organised and I have 3 drawers for the following sections (bottom up): Face, Eyes, Lips.

I picked up the 2 Drawers Acrylic Box (Wide) (£10.95) for the bottom 2 and then, as I required one more drawer, I picked up the 1 Drawer Acrylic Box (Wide) (£7.95) which I stacked on top. (They only come in 1 or 2 drawers but they're all designed to stack on top each other!)

The drawers slide open with ease and have enough space to fill with all your fave make-up/beauty bits! (FYI they are both w25.6 x d16.8 x h4.8 cm). I just think it's great that they're completely see-through and you can pick bits out easily when you open the drawer. My jammed make-up bag was a nightmare, in comparison!

Nail Varnish

If you're like me and have an insatiate appetite for nail varnish I expect you'll have millions that need a home!

I wanted to keep my nail varnishes with my make-up because I just like having all my things together, and as you can see from the picture above I've stacked them on top of my make-up. To do this I bought the 1 Drawer With Flip-Top Lid Acrylic Box (Wide) from Muji and just took the lid off basically! It was literally the only way I could do it because they don't make a tray without a lid that stacks on top of the drawers. It's only £8.50 (the cost of about 2 nail varnishes!) and I think it's definitely worth it to keep them organised.

As you can see from the picture above, I organise my nail varnishes by colour... LOL how sad. But, it does mean I can see them all from above without having to move them all about. To 'tag' them with their colour, I just dipped a cotton bud into the varnish and dotted it on the lid. Some of you might not want to 'stain' your bottles (especially if they're really expensive) but mine are only Rimmel & Barry M really, some are Nails Inc but I just did them all the same.

and finally...

I use these damask boxes from Argos for my hair and beauty bits!

To be honest though, I'm not a huge fan of them as they're made of cardboard that's really easily ripped, for £25! But they look pretty... so it's up to you :) Just don't ram them full of stuff like I do!

OK well that's it for today, if you've got any Q's feel free to drop me an email on: or tweet me @smoir (my blogger account's a bit dodgy when it comes to replies etc is all)

Hope you enjoyed! :)


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  1. Great post soph, wish I was so organised :)

  2. Thanks dude!
    You can be ^ lol :)

  3. love how organized everything is! I have the muji drawers too!