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Emmy Awards 2010: Red Carpet Round-Up

Last night saw the 61st annual Emmy Awards take place at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, CA. A-list celebs arrived in their hundreds, and shows like Modern Family, Mad Men and Glee came up trumps - but who won in the all-important style stakes? Read on to find out...

Who I Rated

Kim Kardashian

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I have a soft spot for the middle Kardashian sister (verging on obsessed, not gonna lie) and so you'd expect her in any best dressed list of mine. The star of hit E! reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians claimed she’d “overeaten” the day before the awards ceremony and felt bloated in her white Marchesa dress with neck embellishment, but I think she looked simply stunning (as always)! I preferred the dress she posted on her website though, as I like the colour on her and the one shoulder detail as you can see:

Kelly Osbourne

25-year-old Kelly attended the awards ceremony on her own after splitting from her fiancée Luke Worrall amid cheating claims. The star has embarked on a major fitness regime since the break-up and it's definitely paid off. The former Dancing With The Stars contestant wore a black, v-neck Tony Ward couture gown and looked better than ever. Loving the blonde do, too, Kel.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum isn't your average 37-year-old mum of four. No, Heidi Klum is the internationally renowned supermodel who still manages to out-do all the twenty-somethings at the Emmy awards - a few years off fourty! The star attended the ceremony with husband Seal (yes, as in Kiss From A Rose Seal - I don't get it either) as she was nominated for a best TV host nod for Project Runway. Sadly she didn't take home the coveted award but hopefully she'll sleep knowing she looked hottest on the catwalk in her Marchesa mini.

Jennifer Carpenter

Dexter actress Jennifer missed out on an Emmy this year to those crooks at Mad Men, but she certainly didn't lose in the style stakes in this one shouldered gunmetal grey number. According to the St Tropez Twitter team, their experts tanned the star in preparation for her Emmy's appearance last night. I wonder if she had to wear paper panties, too?

Eva Longoria

Now, I have to admit that I'm torn here. No doubt the Desperate Housewives actress looks breathtaking in her black, strapless Robert Rodriguez gown - but that's the thing, I don't actually like the gown. It's oddly shaped, cinches in at the wrong place and don't even get me started on the bottom half. Eva manages to pull it off because luckily she's naturally beautiful and has hairdresser to the stars Ken Paves on speedial.

Claire Danes

Oh my, hasn't she come a long way since playing Leo's love interest in Romeo + Juliet all those years ago? She looks all grown up in her Armani Privé gown encrusted with Swarovski crystals and is alleged to have partied hard at Jimmy Fallon's post-show party after scooping a best actress award for her role in Temple Grandin. Lovely looking lady.

Christina Hendricks

Isn't it nice to see some curves on the red carpet! (Stephanie Pratt, take note). The Mad Men star must be celebrating after the show took home the best drama award, beating True Blood, Dexter and cult fave Lost. She's wearing Zac Posen and looks bloody gorgeous *dribbles*...

Sofia Vergara

Areeeba! The Latin American star of the best comedy 2010 Modern Family looks saucy in a Carolina Herrera number. Love the wavy locks, sexy make-up and chandelier earrings, too. Kudos!

Jayma Mays

The star of FOX's acclaimed show Glee missed out on an Emmy this year, but her castmate Jane Lynch scooped the best supporting actress award for her role as coach Sue Sylvester (well deserved). I love the colour of her navy gown against her pale complexion, and her auburn locks complete the look. It's a thumbs up from me.

and one for the guys...

Cory Monteith

Be mine? ♥

Who I Hated

I'm going to start with the worst (in my opinion) ...

January Jones

I just don't get it. Why would you think wearing a cobalt blue dress with the front section cut out, pointy boob bits and what looks like scales all over it, to the EMMYS? WHY? And more importantly, why would Versace MAKE a dress like this? Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I think it looks revolting. Cute pumps though and edgy blonde bob.

Anna Paquin

This Alexander McQueen dress just does nothing for the True Blood actress. It makes her look a lot bigger than she probably is, and it doesn't help that I'm generally a devout hater of satin (no, not Satan). Sack the stylist.

Emily Blunt

OK, so the dress isn't awful - I mean, it's baby-blue, it's one-shouldered, it's Dior; it's fail-safe and it ticks all the boxes. It's just, she looks so bloody grumpy. Cheer up, love, you're at the EMMY'S, remember! Perhaps it's not so wedded bliss with new hubby, The Office star John Krasinski, after all? (Yeah, I went there...)

Dianna Agron

I feel sorry for Quinn... I mean, Dianna. It's her 1st Emmy awards and she must've thought it was fancy dress. What else explains the Little Bo Peep-esque set-up? All she needs is a sheep, a pair of clogs and her hair in buns and she'll fit right in with Heidi at the top of the Swedish mountains in no time. Sorry, love. Perfect from the neck-up, though!

Emily Deschanel

I'm going to start with a positive. I *love* the colour of this Max Azria Atelier gown on the pretty Emmy presenter. But, unfortunately, it looks like they've cut up a million tassly curtains and tried (and failed) to make a dress out of it. I don't like her fringe and hoop earrings either - aren't they a chav staple?

Kate Gosselin

To be fair to her, she is a mum of 8 (hence the show, Jon + Kate Plus 8 - before the split) and she probably didn't have all day to be pampered like the rest of them, but it's not the make-up that bothers me. It's the dress. I don't like the neckline. Or her hoop earrings (for reasons as aforementioned). Or her dodgy, sweeping fringe. On the plus side, her make-up looks fab and she looks rather slim. Not bad for a reality TV star more famed for changing nappies than walking red carpets.

Lea Michele

Now this, I imagine, is something you'll be surprised to see. Glee star Lea Michele has topped all the best-dressed lists since these Emmy pictures emerged, but I'm actually not a fan. I think she looks gaunt, her head looks too big for her body, I don't like the streaks in her hair, nor the blunt fringe on her. I think the dress looks tacky, and cheap, and... I don't know. It just isn't working for me. I wonder if you'll agree, or follow the crowd...

Stephanie Pratt

Don't get me wrong, it's a cute dress on The Hills star. I just don't think, personally, it really stands out on the red carpet. A party at Chateau Marmont, perhaps, but not here. Plus, I don't like her peroxide blonde hair and OTT tan. It's a bit try-hard for me, I'm afraid.

Lo Bosworth

Another nice dress, but it doesn't fit the petite star of The Hills and author of lifestyle website The Lo Down properly. It's far too long and makes her look bigger than she actually is. It's a shame, because Lo usually gets it right. But not this time.

That's all for this time. My favourite ensemble of all was Claire Danes'. She looks simply dazzling in her elegant, sparkling Armani Privé gown. Catch the Emmys in the UK 22:00 30/08/10 on FIVE USA.

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Top 10 Hair & Beauty Bargains Under £1

I don't know about you, but I love a bargain! I've been pretty skint of late but taking care of my appearance is something that's important to me, so I've reached a happy medium by finding cheap hair and beauty bits! I've compiled a list of my 10 fave beauty bargains under £1 that I've found during my months of being a student. Enjoy!

Nice 'n easy ColourSeal Gloss, £1, Superdrug

This product is designed for newly dyed hair, but I use the one designed for brunettes whenever I need a conditioning treatment. It says it's meant for six washes, but I find you only need the tiniest amount (literally a blob) and it reaches all of your hair, so it probably lasts more than six washes really. Nice 'n easy also make them for blondes and red-heads. These do come free with all Nice 'n easy hair dyes, but the gloss is a steal at £1 and is definitely worth buying on its own.

Almay oil-free eye make up remover, 99p, 99p stores

I have to say, I've slacked a bit on this product - I'm very lazy and generally use face wipes to remove my eye-make up (see below). But, this product caught my eye as its suitable for sensitive contact lens wearers, which I am, and it definitely didn't sting when I applied it. It's worth a try - especially as its such a big brand like Almay.

Rimmel sunshimmer self-tan gel, £1, Poundland

I thought this Rimmel fake tan was a bargain when I saw it in Poundland! My friend & I snapped it up. I have to admit that my fake tan de preference is, and always will be, Garnier Summer Body Moisturiser as it gives me a really lovely natural looking golden glow, BUT this product is actually rather good. I apply it with a fake tan mitt, and whilst I didn't notice the difference much on my legs (my calves never seem to tan for some reason), I DEFINITELY noticed a difference on my upper body. I used it on my face as well, no problemo. I would recommend if you're looking to try a fake tan gel (like L'oreal sublime bronze or Garnier) but don't want to fork out £5+ to find you don't like the consistency of fake tan gel. I would use it again if I wanted fake tan and I only had £1, but if I had the money I'd get the Garnier tanning moisturiser instead.

Alberto Balsam intensive conditioning treatment, £1, Poundland/ASDA/Savers

OK now this is a product that's certainly worth more than its £1 price tag! I picked up this bargain in ASDA, as, long story short, I had to spend £1 on my card and this was the only product I could find that wasn't food and was only £1. I'm so glad I did! It's a luscious treat for her, smells delicious, and could rival some of the more expensive high street haircare brands like L'oreal and Aussie. I liked this product because I do tend to use a shampoo, conditioner AND conditioning masque (I like my hair extra glossy) but if you're not a fan of waiting around with a hair masque in, I'd skip this product unless you used it to replace your conditioner. It's definitely worth trying if your hair needs a bit of pampering :) Oh, and it smells delicious! Shame it's not in a squeezy bottle though.

Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow, 99p, 99p stores

This Revlon eyeshadow in 005 Hazelnut is a lovely taupe shade, something I've been looking for for a while, and looks very natural. It's a bargain as its Revlon as well! I haven't noticed it lasting all day, but I suppose that's because the shade is rather light, but I'm pleased I got it because it works great as a colour on the lids for the daytime.

Almay face brightener, 99p, 99p stores

Another great Almay steal - this time in the form of a highlighter/illuminator for cheekbones, forehead, nose, anywhere you want really! If you're looking to try a highlighter but you're not sure if it's for you, I'd recommend this product. If you prefer more high end make-up/have used a highlighter before, I probably wouldn't, as it's slightly runny and isn't a patch on my fave Clinique illuminator. Saying that, it is a lovely golden bronze shade (the label states 001 Tan Afterglow and I'd definitely agree with that) and is more than worth its £1 price tag.

Creightons beautiful brunette shampoo & conditioner, £1 each, Poundland

Now these beauts were recommended to me by fellow beauty blogger Lauren Thomas who always has luscious, long brunette locks! I hastened to try them as I couldn't believe they'd be any good for only £1, but I'm glad I took the risk! They're a bloody bargain, leave your hair feeling soft and luxurious, and the conditioner smells like holidays (that coconut-y sun cream smell). I've tried many a shampoo and conditioner in my time, and whilst this isn't the Holy Grail of haircare, it's pretty damn good for £1. I always see them in Poundland so give them a try if you have a spare 2 quid. Blondes, if you're feeling a bit left out, Creightons make them for you guys as well :). You'll find them next to the brunette version...

Colour Effects wash in, wash out hair dye, £1, Superdrug

This is a bloody amazing product, it's basically a temporary hair dye that comes out in a really dense liquid but dyes the whole of your hair and lasts for one shower! I use the Warm Chocolate Brown shade and I find it darkens my mousey brown locks slightly - something I favour for a night out or special occasion. I would definitely recommend this product for light brunettes, or dark brunettes who want their tones enhanced. I haven't tried any of the other colours in this range, I fancy trying the red one so I'll let you know how that goes! :)

Pure 3-in-1 make-up removal wipes, £1 for 2 packs, Poundland

These face wipes are an absolute bargain - I swear by them! I've basically used them all year and they're fab. They're soft, smell nice, remove eye make-up effectively and they're only 50p each! They're not as luxurious as the No7 ones I use when I have the money, but they do the job and they work for me. Go go go!

L'oreal Elvive nutri-gloss styling cream, 99p, 99p stores

Finally, I'm a massive fan of L'oreal's nutri-gloss products. In fact, I scoured the whole of eBay for it's leave in conditioning treatment (something I found it Savers eventually - result!). These products do exactly what they say on the tin, leaving your hair soft and glossy, and this product is no expection. I don't use it every day as I use millions of different hair products, but when I do use this product I notice a subtle shine.

That's all for now, I hope you found that you CAN look good on a budget!

What are your fave bargains?

Lots of love,