Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Car Boot Bargains

The end of summer to me signals a new wardrobe. Out go summery floral dresses, tan sandals, denim jackets, the like. What better way to fund a new season than to sell all the clothes you don't wear? Well, that's what I do, at the end of every summer. I decide that if I haven't worn it at all this summer, then it's highly likely I won't be wearing it next summer, or especially not over the next few months. Last year I did an end-of-summer car boot sale I earned 60 quid, selling bits and bobs that I can honestly say, hand on heart, I haven't missed! To be fair though, it was my first proper car boot and I was in dire financial difficulty at the time so I was pretty ruthless!

This year, I scraped together a good few carrier bags worth of stuff I wanted to sell and made my way to Faygate, Crawley with my rather reluctant mother.

My stall

I sold everything from clothes to shoes, bags, belts, scarves, toiletries, make-up etc. Nothing was off limits... car booters love a bargain! I made almost £30 this time, which may not seem like a lot, but a) people won't pay less than 50p-£1 for anything at a car boot, and b) I didn't get rid of so much stuff. A lot of people will wonder why I don't sell my stuff on eBay instead, and yes I was selling items from Topshop, River Island, ASOS, New Look, Next etc that would sell for a good few dollar on there. BUT a car boot is cash in hand, it's immediate, you don't pay tax or anything like that, you don't have to pay for postage, delivery... I could go on. Granted, halfway through, I realised I was selling a £40 River Island blazer that I'd only worn once for potentially 50p, and so I put it in the car to eBay at a later date! I did that with a few things actually, you regret selling them for so little as soon as you put them out! It was a lovely sunny day though and a very easy way to earn a few bob...

Bits I Bought

Me being me, had to have a snoop around the other stalls and spend my hard earned pennies. I was surprised by some of the bargains I found...

Make-up/wash bag - 40p

I had to have this little wash bag as soon as I saw it! I even bargained it down to 40p from 50... every penny counts! It's brand new, and suits my bedroom decor perfectly. I started using it immediately as something to carry my hand cream/lip salve etc in my handbag. Love it :)

L'oreal Kiss Proof Lipstick in 113 Spicy Rose - £2

I've been looking for a natural rose pink lipstick after my Versace fave broke and I had to de-pot it. Not ideal. However when I came across this one, which happened to be the only shade on offer and brand new in its original box, I really wanted it. Unfortunately it was going for £3 and that was equivalent to six pairs of shoes and I thought NO... I can't. However, I couldn't stop thinking about it and went back to get it, and even haggled it down to £2! Bargain.

As you can see, a lovely shimmery rose lipstick...

It comes with a clear lipgloss as well (hence the KissProof) which can be used on its own. I have a number of these L'oreal KissProof lipsticks and they're really fab, and the gloss really does work to lock in colour.

Many sellers at car boots do sell brand new make up, jewellery etc as they buy it in bulk and sell it on at these places. I spotted brand new Collection 2000, MaxFactor and Bourjois while I was there... Who'd have thought, eh?

White wicker basket (brand new from Ikea) - £1

I saw somebody else looking at this and that made me want this (something I've made quite a habit of recently). I've been thinking of switching my make-up from my stacked acrylic boxes to white wicker baskets like these for easier access, visual purposes etc and I thought this purchase could get the ball rolling!

It's just my style.. Plain and simple, and I think I'm going to use it for all my facial toiletry bottles. Bargain at £1 I reckon!

Coasters - 50p

Another purchase for the house, what am I like? But I couldn't resist these little coasters adorned with cute like cupcakes, perfect for the kitchen! They're brand new as well, and whilst I admit I don't *need* them... I loved them! Coasters have a habit of getting a bit grotty so it was about time I upgraded, anyway... honestly.

I hope I've shown you that car-boots, even ones in Crawley, aren't ridden with pick-pocketing tramps and that you can make a few bob and pick up a few bargains. It definitely made me want to go again and see what I could find!


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ps. Faygate carboot has got a couple more weekends left if you're interested :) £8.50 seller fee, 40p to buy and no car-parking charge! Do it...


  1. Oooh I love doing carboot sales haha! It feels so nice to sell your stuff :) I prefer buying bargains from them though! xxx

  2. Love the cupcake coasters! A bargain too! :D

  3. I know, eh! I really enjoyed myself :) Bit cold now though lol