Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New Hair Obsession: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

My uncle bought me my first Aussie product when I was 11. It was the Mega Shampoo + Conditioner set and I fell in love with the smell! I've experimented with Aussie products ever since, ranging from the Aussome Volume Shampoo + Conditioner (which I wouldn't recommend) to the Colour Mate set (does what it says on the tin) and the Dual Personality serum for coloured hair (lovely jubbly).

Now, I first came across this product when I found a 99p sachet of it lying at the back of my haircare drawer. I loved it when I used it, but never got around to purchasing it full size... Until now.

I picked up the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Treatment with my friend Rosie ( as it was on offer 2 for £6 in Superdrug and we both only wanted one thing each!


Literally, this is the BEST intensive conditioning masque I have EVER USED! If you know me, you'll know a conditioning masque is an obligatory part of my shower routine (the standard shampoo+conditioner combo just doesn't leave my hair feeling as glossy as I'd like) and my faves include Loreal's Nutri-Gloss one (in the pink pot) and Avon's Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil one. But Aussie's version surpasses them all! It doesn't leave a sticky residue, it doesn't have to be used with the other Luscious Long products in the range and it leaves your hair so soft you literally don't stop running your fingers through it for the entire day. Also, I find with some hair products that their effects fade after time, but not with this one; every time I use it, the effects can be felt :)

While Aussie is currently on offer (2 for £6 at Boots and Wilkinsons, at the time of going to press) may I introduce you to one of my favourite Aussie products of all time that I use daily without fail?

It's the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner and I can't live without it! I use it every day as a detangler, de-frizzer and leave-in conditioner and it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth! To top it off, it also smells lush :)

So, if you're popping into town this weekend with a fiver to spare, I'd strongly suggest opting for these 2 products to improve your daily hair routine! I'm sure, like me, you will become addicted! Let me know how you get on...

What are you fave leave-in conditoners?


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