Saturday, 6 November 2010

ASOS Paints Haul

Hi ladies :)

I picked up these cute ASOS Paints recently at a bargain £1 each! I'm also an ASOS Premier account member so I get free unlimited next-day delivery... You can see why I didn't resist! I'd read positive reviews about them on Lollipop26's blog as well as on Claire's Curvy Couture and being the nail varnish fanatic I am (I probably own about 50) I figured I needed them in my life.

(L-R: Victoria, Gwen, Megan)

As you can see, they come in cute little glass pots with bow detailing. Very chic - they look fab out on display on my dressing table!

(L-R: Victoria, Gwen, Megan)

They're all named after celebs, like Sienna and Cheryl, but I snapped them up in the following colours:


A lovely rich, true red that needs only one coat. Very Gwen Stefani! ;)


A creamy lilac that I can't wait to try :) It'll be fab for summer, I love purple on my nails; I swore by Gosh - Wild Lilac this past summer! ps. It's named after Megan Fox :)

and finally...

Victoria (my fave!)

This shade is *perfect* for autumn! It's a dark blood-red, almost black-red, that I love on my nails! It's the shade I tried on first and here's it on my nails below:

(ASOS Paint in Victoria)

Overall, I'm really impressed with the quality of these nail polishes! Victoria only needs 2 coats and it lasts for ages without chipping! I've been wearing it loads this autumn and can see myself wearing it a lot more.

What colours have you guys been wearing this season? Are there any nail polishes you recommend?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Im soooo upset i didnt get mine cos they lost my package! :'(
    never mind i will just have to come to yours to paint my nails!!
    Gwen looks amazing! can u do a post when uve painted gwen on ur nails! :P

  2. Ooh thank you! :) Can't wait to try them all!