Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My First Eyeko Haul!

Hi all!

Recently I purchased my first products from London-based beauty brand, Eyeko. I'd seen them mentioned on quite a few beauty blogs (namely NicolaVC86) but never got around to buying anything from them myself. I had a look on their website and I was after the nail varnish Vampira (being a die-hard Twilight fan an' all!) which I'd seen advertised, which was a glittery blood red colour.

But, then I saw this beauty; A set of 3 brand spanking new polishes for a bargain £8.50 and free P+P! How could I resist?

(L-R: Eyeko Indigo, Vampira & Cosmic polishes)

First impressions:

- The bottles were SO much smaller than I expected! Literally the size of one of my fingers. Hmph. I guess that explains the price...
- They do look lovely and dinky lined up on my dressing table, though.
- They're all glitter based; Indigo is royal blue, Vampira is blood red and Cosmic is like the night sky (hence the name) - black with little silver specks!
- The delivery came within about a week although it's estimated a lot longer than that on the website.
- It also came with an Eyeko postcard, sticker and a free gift voucher.

I'm really looking forward to trying these nail colours out, especially Vampira! I don't really wear blue on my nails a lot but hopefully I'll wear the Indigo shade as well.

I want to try some of the tinted face cream/highlighters that are advertised on their website... Has anybody tried these? Would you recommend them, or any other Eyeko products?

I'll let you know how I get on with the polishes!


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  1. Let me know what they r like when uve used them, i was going to get some the other day and decided to go with e.l.f instead. just doing a post now...guess where ur xmas presents r cumin from ;)

  2. Oh you're lovely!
    Yes I will let you know what they're like... Can't see myself wearing Indigo though :(