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No7 Voucher Haul

Hi girls,

Unless you've been under a rock these past few months you'll know that Boots have been giving away their No7 vouchers free with purchases over £5. Being a loyal fan to the brand myself, I saw it as an opportunity to stock up on more lovely No7 goodies that I wouldn't pay for normally! I've only experienced good things with the brand so I was very optimistic :) Little did I know that if you had to pay £5 or more towards the No7 product, you'd receive ANOTHER £5 voucher... Let's just say I had a good ol' splurge!

Here's what I spent my voucher on :)

(Click on the product name to be directed to its webpage)

I've had my eye on this product for a while as it's rated one of the highest No7 products on the Boots website by customers. It looks like a luxurious whipped mousse in the container, and it comes out as a lovely smelling, thick cream. I only use a tiny bit (literally the size of a 5p coin), rub it in all over my face and neck just before bed and leave it on overnight, waking up to luscious, baby-soft skin! It says you can wash it off after 3 mins (or 10 for a real treat) but I prefer to use a thin layer and leave it on overnight... I've never tried it the other way, let me know if you have! :)

Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask is £8.50 with the voucher, £13.50 without.

Now this was another No7 product I've had my eye on for a while (are you starting to see a pattern here?) I saw this as the perfect time to splurge on it, because let's be honest, who would fork out the RRP £8.50 on a shower cream?! That's ridiculous! I've been quite satisfied with my £1 Nivea shower creme / pint-sized Soap & Glory Clean On Me in the past but £3.50 didn't seem such a stretch so I got it :) I've only used it a few times, it's been OK! Nothing special, or 'blissful', as the name suggests, but a top-notch shower cream nonetheless. Let's hope it lasts for ages! :)

Blissful Body Wash is £3.50 with the voucher, £8.50 without... But I've just noticed it's sold out online! Oh no :(

I'd actually been quite happy rubbing in my concealer with my fingers until this point (FYI its Benefit Boi-ing in 02 - absolute best concealer I've ever used!), but the thought of it makes me feel a little grubby, I already own a No7 foundation brush which is fab and so I thought its concealer brush counterpart would be a good investment. I do use it to conceal spots and blemishes, but I haven't got used to using it under my eyes yet! I think it's probably because I'm always in a rush when I apply concealer, but if I took my time, I reckon it'd be more effective that using my fingers to rub it in under my eyes.

Concealer brush is £2.5o with the voucher, £7.50 without.

Now this was more of an 'off the cuff' purchase! I'd literally just received another £5 off voucher and I was surrounded by all the amazing ads for this mascara, and coupled with the free eyeshadow palette offer with it (see below) I couldn't resist!... I'm SO glad I did!!! It's fab. I apply it in the morning as I have a thing about only wearing brown eyeshadow/liner/mascara during the day. It honestly is great! It lengthens every single lash (and I have stumpy little lashes - see my Lash Accelerator post) yet they remain really natural looking if that makes sense! There's a tiny little bit on the end that is perfect for lengthening those short/hard to get to lashes. I would 100% recommend it! :)

Exceptional Definition Mascara is £7 with the voucher and £12 without - it comes it Black & Brown/Black.

It also came with a free Eye Palette (RRP £9.50!)

I have to be honest with you though, girls... I've never used the palette! How bad is that? They're just not really my colours... maybe I need to have a little play around! It was free, after all!

That's all I spent my vouchers on this time BUT one of the products came with a list of all the No7 products & their uses so now I've got another massive list of No7 products I want for next time! Typical!

I want to try:

Day/Night Sorbet for oily/combination skin
Beautifully Balanced Purifying Cleanser/Toner
Radiance Revealed / Total Renewal Facial Exfoliator
Pore Refining Serum
Instant Radiance Beauty Balm

(to name but a few!)

Have you used any of the above products? What are your fave No7 products that you think I should try?

Thanks for reading :)


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