Monday, 8 November 2010

NOTD: Rimmel Lycra Pro - Black Pearl

Hellooo! :)

I've been a bit skint recently so I've been recycling some of the the nail varnies I bought last year! This is one of my faves - it's Rimmel Lycra Pro in 398 Black Pearl and I absolutely love it! I kind of dismissed it last year because it wasn't quite jet black and it wasn't quite gunmetal grey... It was somewhere in the middle and I just wasn't feeling it, but this year? I'm all over it! I wore it recently on a night out and I received many a compliment :) In fact, my lovely housemate opted for the same shade too :)

I'm generally a huge fan of the Rimmel Lycra Pro nail range as the brush is a bit thicker than normal brushes, and whilst they don't last the alleged 10 days on the bottle, they do last pretty long without chipping! If you're looking for a dark red shade for winter - see my review of Rimmel Lycra Pro in Celebrity Bash here... another personal fave :)

ps. You may have noticed my nails looking a bit shorter than usual - I went for the chop! They were getting a bit long and one of them had broken! *sob*

Do you like this colour? What nail colours would you like me to review?

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  1. I really like this colour! I love these dark shades for fall/winter time!!
    May paint my nails in a similar shade right now!

  2. I know me too! :) I'm glad I've inspired you!