Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Recent Avon hauls! :)

Hi lovelies! :)

As you may know, I'm a big supporter of the Avon brand and I've bought many items from the company this year! I've picked up some more bargains from my rep recently that are absolutely fab. Let's have a look...

First haul

Luxe Lace Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick (Satin) in Pout - £5.00

You might remember I ordered a free sample of this lippie in my last haul. Well, I went ahead & bought the full sized product as it was on offer at the time!

It's a gorgeous nudey pink colour and I'm in love with it!

It came in limited edition Luxe Lace packaging which I think looks so glam!

(Luxe Lace Ultra Colour Lipstick in Pout)

I'm not a massive lipstick wearer, but this is perfect as I can wear it in the day if I want a little colour, and my boyfriend even said he loved it when I wore it out for dinner in the evening. Perfect... and it's so lovely and creamy to apply! Big thumbs up :)

Ideal Shade Matte Mousse Foundation in Shell - £3.00

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Avon's Cream-to-Powder foundation (which I wear on my face every day now) and having sampled a number of different shades from the Ideal Shade range, I knew that 'Shell' was just the perfect match for me.

This foundation featured in the 'Clearance' booklet which is a great marketing tool for girls like me who have to buy something before it sells out! It came in a little frosted glass pot (above)

The consistency is like Maybelline's Dream Mousse Foundation (which I've tried in the past). I'm not a huge fan of this product, perhaps because I'm so in love with the Cream-to-Powder version which I can just whip on in a second with the pad it comes with. With this product, you have to use your fingers or a foundation brush, and quite frankly first thing in the morning when I'm in a rush - I can't be bothered! Sorry, Avon!

Angled brush - £3.00

Absolutely fab product this. I didn't realise how essential it was to use the correct make-up brush when applying blusher before I bought this! You may remember that I wasn't a huge fan of Avon's True Colour Blush in Russett when I bought it as it was too pigmented - but teaming it with this brush, it's just perfect, and leaves me with natural looking colour on my cheeks. *love*!

Nail Experts Neat Nails Pen - £4.50

I literally couldn't live without this! It's like a felt tip nail varnish remover and I use it any time I paint my nails as I always make a huge mess! It's so much more precise than using nail varnish remover with a cotton bud; it gets right into every nook + cranny! :)

Snowman mug with shaker hat - £5.00

My favourite product of all! The perfect festive mug; the snowman buttons get darker when the mug is hotter! Great size for a big cup of tea or coffee, or a warming hot choc :) Yum :)

and even better... it comes with a shaker hat! For anything you want to shake on your drink really; chocolate, cinnamon, etc! It's also really useful to pop its 'hat' on when you're carrying it to avoid spillages :)

TOTAL: £18.50

Second haul

Arabian Glow Pressed Powder in Sunny - £5.00

I had read a number of reviews of this product online as it's being discontinued and there was a lot of uproar about it! It had been described as giving you the perfect 'sun-kissed' all over colour.

It comes in a lovely gold case - very summer holiday-esque!

It comes with a little mitt to use with it but I tend to use a big, fat all-over bronzing brush to get that all-over 'sun-kissed' look. It is for very fair skin and it does work at making you look very 'fresh-faced' but I wouldn't use it as a bronzer as it's too faint, instead I use it after my foundation for a bit of all-over colour :)

Planet Spa Face Mask Set - £5.00

I have to admit I have yet to use any of these but they just seemed so cute I couldn't resist! It contains 3 types of Avon's best-selling face masks and I thought it'd be a good idea to take to friends houses/staying over your boyfriends etc, and then when I've found the one that I like best I'll buy the full-sized version :) I'll keep you posted on how I get on!

At the moment, I'm after the perfect plum lipgloss after seeing Cheryl Cole sporting the look at the Pride of Britain Awards recently. Doesn't she look gorgeous?!

So, I went for the following product hoping it would look relatively similar to that above!

Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick (Mega Impact) in Divine Wine - FREE (Sample)

Unfortunately, it's nothing like a plum colour; more of a red-wine. Shame :( Does anyone know of any lovely plum lip glosses or lipsticks I should try? Keep me posted!

Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Golden Wine - £3.00

During the festive season I fall in love with glittery nail polishes! Don't you? They're just so sparkly and Chrismassy! :)

This red sparkly number from Avon looked right down my street!

I drew a little 'diagram' below as to what the shade looks like with 1 coat, 2 coats and with black beneath... I hope you find it helpful :)

I thought I'd give it a go with a black coat underneath, and here are the results on my nails:

(Rimmel 60 Seconds in Blackout topped with Avon Nailwear Pro in Golden Wine - 1 coat each)

Lovely & Chrismassy! However, the Avon polish took *ages* to dry and kept smudging :( It only lasted for about a day *sob*. I'm gonna give 2 coats of the Avon one a go next time!

TOTAL: £13.00

FINAL TOTAL: £18.50 + £13.00 = £31.50 (absolute bargain!)

You can pick up any of these products online at the Avon shop or through your local rep - of which you can also find online :)

Have you tried any of these Avon products? Would you recommend any others?

Also... it's 2 weeks till Christmas guys! I literally can't wait!

What have you got planned for the big day?

Lots of love,

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  1. Think I should invest in one of those nail pens, cos i seriously make such a mess EVERY time i go near my nails :S lol
    Might try and get one over xmas, do u know if anywhere else sells them cos I dont really wanna pay postage! :(

  2. OPI do one - you can get it from ASOS! But it'll probably cost the same as the Avon one with postage! Find your local rep instead :)