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Christmas Presents!

Hello everyone!

I gave you a sneak peek into my Christmas Day wardrobe & FOTD here but I thought I'd do a prezzies post as well. Sorry it's been a while, we have family occasions spanning all over the week so I've only just received some of them! I was very lucky and got lots of lovely hair & beauty treats. I did write a list on before the big day but a lot of them were surprises as well.

Here's what I got...


Urban Decay Naked Palette

OMG. In love. I've wanted this palette for ages but have never wanted to fork out the 20 odd quid to get it. It came in luxurious purple velvet packaging which I've already recycled into a jewellery tray! Too good to throw away :)

It contains 12 of Urban Decay's best-selling eyeshadows, including Half-Baked, Baked & Smog. *swoon* They're renowned for their pigmentation and lastability, especially accompanied with the Eyeshadow Primer Potion of which you receive a mini one in the palette.

They're all beautiful, natural shades except the ones on the far right which are ideal for a night-out smokey eye. It also contains 2 of its famous glide-on eye pencils in Zero (jet black) and Whiskey (coppery brown). I can't wait to try it and I expect it'll become a make-up staple of mine. Full review coming soon :)

E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color in Butternut

Now I've never tried any products from online beauty retailer e.l.f. (eyes lip face) before but I've heard good things about them & they're known for being super good value. My dear friend Claire of Claire's Curvy Couture treated me to a few goodies. This dinky eyeshadow set looks perfect for throwing in your handbag & the colours are all pretty natural looking... She knows me well :)

E.L.F. Nail Polish in Desert Haze

A lovely taupe shade, 100% me and definitely wearable. Very similar to Barry M's popular Mushroom shade; I'll let you know what it's like as I haven't used their nail polishes before.

Barry M Nail Paint in Dusky Mauve

Ooh, lovely. I've been lusting after this shade for ages and read about it on loads of bloggers pages. It's a dupe for Chanel's Paradoxal shade which you can read about on my AW10 Nail Lust blog post here but at a snip of the price. Loves it :)

Bath & Body

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel 500g

I was definitely spoilt this year! My lovely friend Flo purchased a massive bottle of Snow Fairy for me. Very generous, she knows how much I love it *and* it's limited edition. Woop :)

Lush Christmas Candy Box

She also bought me this bumper Lush gift set which satisfies all my Snow Fairy needs! Snow Fairy lip tint, Bubblegum lip scrub, a mini Snow Fairy shower gel and 2 soaps including Honey! I Washed The Kids which is one of my favourite Lush soaps EVER. The lip scrub is very tasty indeed :)

Lush Gift Box

My sister Steph also treated me to a lovely Lush set amongst other things :) My favourite is the limited edition star-shaped Angel's Delight soap but I can't wait to try the heart-shaped 'Silk Stockings' solid body tint as well... It's made with Shea Butter... Mmm :)

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Box

My beautiful friend Becky purchased this lovely-smelling gift box from the Body Shop for me and I loves it. I'd smelt the scent before in perfume form and it's just right for me; very sweet & girly. The body puree is nothing like I've ever tried before; It's very liquidy, almost like a gel texture, but absorbs super quick and left my skin feeling soft & moisturised. Will definitely re-purchase!

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Gift Set

Eeek... I was very lucky, this was on my Christmas list! It contained a full-size limited edition Cranberry Joy body butter, body scrub, shower gel & lib balm. Literally love the smell of this stuff - I can't wait to smell like it myself! I'll be sad when it runs out because it is limited edition :( Will just have to apply it very sparsely & hope it lasts... *fingers crossed*

It also came in a luxurious red metal box that's very festive-looking & will be perfect for storing nail varnishes etc in the future :)

Tess Daly for M&S Delectable Minis Collection

I've had my eye on the Tess Daly range at M&S for a while now. It always looks so appealing, lots of creamy gold highlighters, shimmery eyeshadows and body oils, etc, perfect for illuminating your skin (a look I love). This gift set contains a shower gel, body lotion & body puff. I popped into M&S after Christmas and a lot of the Tess Daly stuff is in the sale half price so I may purchase a few bits myself!


Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume

I'm already a fan of Marc Jacobs - Daisy (my go-to summer fragrance) but I hadn't tried his other fragrance, Lola. I have to say girls, he's got it right again; it smells amazing!

I've never had a solid perfume before but it seems very practical and the packaging looks stunning!

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne

I've never bought anything Jo Malone myself before but I've heard it's a pretty cult brand in the whole home scent industry. Her candles are particularly well-liked but at £100 or so a pop it's not something I'll be buying any time soon!

I received this lovely Orange Blossom cologne from my boyfriend's family. I'd read about it on LBQ's blog about how she spritzes herself with Jo Malone Orange Blossom before she heads out the door in the morning and smells lovely all day. It's very citrusy and strong-smelling but it's something different to my normal perfume so I shall be wearing it in 2011 :)


Black leather bag from Warehouse

This bag is one of those things you didn't realise you needed until you got it. I can't even remember what bag I used before. This one is perfect for me; it's black leather (those who know me will know I tend to stick to a pretty monochrome wardrobe during the winter months), it has an across-the-body strap (I'm lazy) and a shoulder strap & it has loads of space and pockets (I literally bring the bathroom sink & its brother around with me in my bag... daily). So it's perfect... Thanks Mum!

Embellished shoulder waterfall cardigan from Sports Direct

I picked this up on a whim with my Dad... Who knew Sports Direct sold non-sportswear?! It doesn't exactly picture well but it looks better in real life. I've been looking for a cardi like this for ages on places like but I always find they're too long for little ol' me. This is probably a kids cardi because it's fits nicely! I think it was only like 7 quid as well... Bargain :)

Grey shearling dressing gown from La Senza

Mmm... It's so warm & soft :) I've been spending many a night in bed with this on and a hot chocolate by my side :)

I also got this cute little brown satin make-up bag from Next. I say make-up bag but it can be used for anything really, toiletries, stationery, etc. Very chic... Love the bow :)

& finally I got this mini Elnett hairspray in my stocking :) Santa must've known that it's the only hairspray I use! I literally swear by it for super voluminous hair. Thanks Father Christmas!

So that's it for this year; I can't wait to try out all my new prezzies! :)

What did you get for Christmas this year? Did you have a nice day?

Lots of love,

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  1. You got loads of lovely stuff! I have the Naked palette and I'm so addicted, I've hardly used anything else since I got it! I really like the Lola solid perfume thingy - is it a necklace?

    Just a quick mention - I changed the name of my blog so I'd be grateful if you wouldn't mind re-following the new URL - - ta muchly xx

  2. It's a bracelet :)

    Yep, I'm following!


  3. Urban Decay Naked Palette - You get 12 amazing neutral colours with great pigmentation, 2 eyeliners and a mini primer in this palette. You've got enough for both your everyday neutral looks and the smoky eyes looks. Basically everything you need in a palette. It's expensive, but definitely worth it. The primer is amazing too.

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  4. Ooh thanks for the info!

    Your blog is really interesting :)

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