Saturday, 1 January 2011

Sales Shopping!

Hey everyone!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year! I'm back to uni soon. Eek!

Have you been snapping up lots of lovely January sale bargain? I know I have! Here's what I picked up...


Cable fisherman jumper - WAS £30 NOW £15 - Next

Now, working in Next as a Christmas temp, I get first pickings of all the sale items. Lucky girl! This chunky cable knit jumper caught my eye and when I tried it on it fitted perfectly. I've been wearing it almost daily since, in fact, I'm wearing it now! It's so warm & I can just throw it on with a pair of black skinny jeans & look stylish. Love the camel colour as well.

Stripe crop top - WAS £16 NOW £8 - Next

Another Next bargain; Love their sales (everything's half price or less!) I bought this to wear to work :) It was a bit tight with the shoulder pads so I cut them out & it fits much better now. I wear it with black tight jeans & biker boots. I get told I look like a bumble bee... Oh well :) Since when are bumble bees camel and black anyway?

Satin boned bustier - WAS £28 NOW £12 - Next

This was an absolute steal; It's even more than half price! I'm planning on wearing it with black high waisted shorts & lashes of black and gold jewellery. I like the accent details on the bust & bottom lining. I've been looking for a bustier top like this for ages... Thank you, Next!

Brocade skirt - WAS £16 NOW £12 - Clothing at Tesco

I wore this festive skirt on Christmas day! Brocade print to me always signals winter and nothing beats black and gold at Christmastime. Not quite half price but a bargain nonetheless. See what it looks like on me here.

Cropped shoulder jacket - WAS £25 NOW £12.50 - Clothing at Tesco

Absolutely love this jacket. Had my eye on it for a while & when it went half price in the sale I snapped it up in the sale. I believe I used a 25% off £25 voucher I found online as well... Love those :) I wore it with the skirt (above) on Christmas day and I love the statement shoulder detail. I always think these type of jackets are very Kim Kardashian; Here's her wearing black cropped jackets in the press.

Black shorts with gold button detail - WAS £35 NOW £20 - Topshop

I wasn't sure about these shorts when I saw them on the hanger but when I tried them on I fell in love. They suited my figure perfectly and I envisioned myself wearing them with a patent black waist belt, black tights and a bustier like the one above. Can't wait to wear this look :)


Black sequinned purse - WAS £6 NOW £3 - Topshop

I picked up this little purse at the last minute while I was queueing for the shorts (above). I've been on the hunt for a cute little purse for nights out that fits just my cash & cards in. I believe this glittery beauty fits the bill :)

It has 2 compartments; perfect for cash/cards. Love it :)

Black box clutch - WAS £10 NOW £5 -

I've never bought anything from Matalan before aside from a pair of wellies, mainly because there's not one within walking/public transport distance. I've been looking for a black box clutch since autumn; I've scoured eBay (too quirky), Topshop (too expensive) & vintage stores but to no avail. Who knew I'd find one on Matalan? It was half price & I found a 10% off code online so it was cheap as chips and arrived in a few days. It has a long metal strap as well but I've tucked it into the bag in this pic. Sadly you get what you pay for and it broke the first night I used it but I fixed it and you'll never know... Oh well, it was only a fiver!

Patent waist belt - WAS £12 NOW £6 - Next

This wasn't a completely necessary purchase but I'm a big fan of waisted belts and could see it fitting into my wardrobe quite effortlessly. Will pair it with the chic black Topshop shorts (above).

Velvet bow hair clips - WAS £6 NOW £3 -

I saw a similar pair to this from Topshop advertised in Heat magazine and vied for them. Then I found these beauties half price, added them to my bag, got 10% student discount, free delivery & hey presto... I'm wearing them the next day! I'm so lazy when it comes to hair & beauty products nowadays; I'm an ASOS Premier member so I get free next-day delivery & returns as well as 10% student discount so it's cheaper to buy stuff online that it is to walk/get the bus to town and buy stuff in Boots or Topshop. Whoops. Contributing to the demise of the great British High Street...

Cream wool over the knee socks - WAS £10 NOW £5 - Flirt at

I did have a pair of cream woolly over the knee socks but I lost them... Uh-oh. These were half price on ASOS so I snapped them up. Unfortunately I brought the boots back I planned to wear them with and haven't worn them since I bought them but we shall see. Hopefully.


No7 Bronzing set - WAS £15 NOW £7.50 - Boots

This was on my Christmas list & I didn't get it so I thought - half price? Gotta have it. In fact I wanted it so badly that I hid it in a different section in Boots because I couldn't buy it at the time. Nobody found it! So I bought it... Cheeky :)

It contains 2 different bronzers; From top to bottom:
Mosaic bronzer
Bronzer duo
Quilted bronzer

& a big fat bronzing/kabuki brush. For £7.50? Not bad.

The only one I've tried so far is the bronzing duo coupled with the bronzing brush and it's been pretty good so far. Glides on for an all-over glow. Can't wait to try the others :)

Sanctuary Spa Perfect Skin set - WAS £18 NOW £9 - Boots

Another Christmas list product I hid in Boots to buy at a later date... Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this? My friend Flo raves about Sanctuary stuff for skin so I thought it was worth a try for £9. It essentially contains a posh cleanser, toner, moisturiser, exfoliant & eye cream to name but a few. Let's see how it turns out :) I quite fancy the Sanctuary Spa Brightening Facial kit as well; has anyone tried it? Sadly I can't afford a real facial so I'm hoping a facial kit will suffice!

Overall I reckon I've made some pretty decent sale purchases :) Bargain hunting is in my blood!

Have you picked up anything nice in the sale? What do you think of my purchases?

Lots of sale love,

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  1. Your stuff is all gona look so great!
    I got myself a LOVELY pair of heeled shoe/boots for £10 (down from £40!) from Evans and this jacket for £25 down from £60 because it didn't have the detachable collar. SOO chuffed, I love both items =)

  2. Ooh I love it! I want to get my hands on an aviator jacket too but I find they're all too expensive *sigh*
    Where are the shoeboots from?
    Love sales!!!

  3. Hello hello, ive passed on an award to you on my blog :) I love the bronzing set in this post, wish i'd seen that in the sale!!

    Daisy xx

  4. Aw thank you so much Daisy! I love your blog too! I will write mine back ASAP! :)

    I know it was such a bargain!!!