Sunday, 27 February 2011

Review: Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac

Hey guys!

Now I know I have plenty of lipglosses but I prefer a more natural look during the day, and I only ever seem to wear Vaseline Rosy Lips! (excuse the condition of the case in the pic... I wear it a LOT!) I saw these Sleek Pout Polishes on Cami Loves Kiwi 's blog, where she gave them rave reviews, and the shade Pink Cadillac stood out for me the most!

I picked this up in Superdrug, Canterbury when I went to visit my other half. It was the last one left in the shade Pink Cadillac so I couldn't say no! It retails for £4.29 but I got 10% student discount with my NUS Extra card so it was just under 4 quid in the end! :) It's only 10g though, which is quite small...

It looks extremely bright, almost fuchsia pink in its case, but it isn't that bright on the lips at all!

As you can see from the picture below, it's a very natural looking, glossy pink. I would describe it as Vaseline Rosy Lips... but better! You only need to use a tiny bit as well!
It's a thumbs up from me! One thing I would say is that it doesn't last very long - a couple of hours max. It's small enough to take around with you though so you can keep re-applying!

Next on my wishlist is the Sleek Pout Polish in Electro Peach. I saw a picture of it on Glitter and Shimmer's blog and it just looks amazing, so natural and pretty!

Have you tried Sleek Pout Polish? What did you think?

Lots of love,

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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Steal Her Style: Kim Kardashian

Hey guys,

Bit of a random one today (I thought of it while I was on the treadmill... lol) but I'm going to show you how to emulate Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian's style on a budget! In my opinion, she's one of the best-dressed stars of today and she always aims to accentuate her curves. I'm literally on her website every day and I think I probably know every outfit she's ever worn! So here goes, let me know what you think! ps. I created them all on Polyvore :)

Budget style:


Budget style:Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian by smoir on


Budget style:

I hope you like!

Who's your style icon?


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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

NOTD: ASOS Paint in Megan

Hey girls!

How are we all? I don't know about you but I can't wait for the sun to poke its head round the corner! I hate the rain and the cold and the soggy socks & all that! Spring/summer couldn't come soon enough if you ask me :)

This has definitely been reflected in my choice of nail colour of late. Out are the blacks and the greys, in are the brights and colourful! The past few days I've been rocking ASOS Paint in Megan (named after the vivacious Megan Fox I believe) and I'm so impressed with it! It only cost me £1, well, 90p with 10% student discount... & free delivery of course!

Here it is with flash:

... & without flash:

It's so thick, I love it, it completely covers your nails! It's lasted about 2 days without chipping but I've been adding a clear top coat (OPI Nail Envy - Original) daily as well to keep it looking glossy.

As far as I'm aware, ASOS no longer do nail paint, or perhaps they will be bringing out new colours for the spring/summer season. It's such a shame if they don't... They truly are great!

What have you been wearing on your nails lately? I find it really hard choosing what colour to wear in this transitional period between winter & spring! Help!

Love always,

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

ASOS Sale Haul

Hey blogettes!

ASOS is probably my favourite retailer of all time (including shops on the high street) - it's just my one-stop-shop for everything fashion & beauty! I'm an ASOS Premier account member so I get unlimited free next day delivery and returns, as well as 20% student discount (well, I did... more on that later) so it was only right that I indulged in some of their New Year sale items!

In chronological order...

WAS £38 NOW £23
(paid £18.40 with 20% student discount)

You may recognise this dress from a certain Girls' Night Out blog post of mine! Click here if you would like to see what it looks like on. I love the fit of this; a bustier top that goes out at the waist suits my hourglass shape! It has ballet-style netting beneath the skirt to give it that extra oomph! I teamed it with black ankle boots, a black waisted belt & red lips for uber glam! The only thing I would say about this dress is that the top bit comes up quite low, so I had to keep pulling it up. Still a bargain, though!

St. Tropez Wash Off Gift Set - WAS £25 NOW £15
(paid £12 with 20% student discount)

Eek! Such a bargain, the Skin Illuminator that comes included (left in the picture) is worth £25 on its OWN! I can't believe it works out to only £4 per item. It includes a Skin Illuminator (like a body highlighter), Wash Off Self Tan Body Lotion and Wash Off Self Tan Face Lotion. The one for your body is fantastic - great for those nights out when you've forgotten to apply fake tan/decide to get your legs out at the last minute! I applied WAY too much of the face lotion and had to wipe it off with face wipes first time around, whoops!

WAS £65 NOW £39
(paid £31.20 with 20% student discount)
I've been looking for a woolly aran cardigan all winter, but Topshop were charging £60+ and the ones in Primark just didn't do it for me. I find it really hard to find long cardigans that fit because I'm really short! They're always too long. When this cardi popped up in my size, I added it to my basket and voila, it fits like a glove! I did order the olive-coloured one as well but I returned it - I just couldn't see myself wearing it enough. I've worn this one loads, though :)

(paid £5.76 with 20% student discount)

I really should stop buying products when I've got bad skin! I will literally try anything to clear it up. One of my old housemates used this and it made her skin look beautiful and glowy. I used this for the first time in the shower and I was in a bit of a rush, I didn't even use the sponge to remove it, so I kind of need to use it properly before I can review it properly!

nb. This product has now gone back up to its original price.

WAS £65 NOW £52
(paid £41.60 with 20% student discount)

I know, I know, you may think it's a lot of money to spend on a blazer but I have many important interviews/meetings to attend in the near future, and I really needed something smart to wear! It fits perfectly (normally the arms are too long) and it even does up! I was imagining I was going to have to wear it undone. Love the power shoulders, as well. It's a proper investment purchase! this point, ASOS decided they would stop offering student discount on sale items! I was very angry, as you can guess. It's still valid on non-sale items, though.

PETITE Floral Jegging - WAS £30 NOW £13

I probably shouldn't have bought these, considering summer is a LONG way off but I could just see myself wearing them with a plain tee & strappy sandals! What can I say? I need help!

WAS £28 NOW £14

I just needed some smart black trousers to wear to a family event so I snapped these up. Petite ladies, let me warn you, you might need to take these up... they are still RATHER long. But very comfy :) They've gone down to £11 as well, now!

WAS £65 NOW £35

I know it's the same blazer as before, but I needed to inject some colour into my all-black potential work wardrobe! I knew it fitted perfectly from buying the black one so I snapped this up in a Size 8 before it went out of stock. Love it. Smart chic.

WAS £70 NOW £25
This jumpsuit had been sitting in my saved items list for AGES but it was only down to £52 in the sale and I just couldn't afford that! I bought it the moment it went down to £25! It's the first time I've bought a jumpsuit, because I'm so short, but I plan to wear it to my boyfriend's 21st. Let's hope he likes it! :)

I know what you're thinking... It's all well and good to buy all these lovely sale items, but it all adds up! Overall the total is just under £200, which is a lot, but considering half of it is smart clothes to wear to work and it's all the clothes I've really bought since January, I guess it's not too bad. Not to forget, I must have sent hundreds of pounds worth of stuff back!

Have you bought anything in the ASOS sale recently? Let me know!


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Ps. If you're a student and looking to get 20% off ASOS (as well as 5% off Amazon, 10% off Missguided and 10% off Superdrug) you can buy an NUS Extra card for only £11 today :) Use my referral code FBSM603501429897 and you'll put some pennies in my pocket :)

TK Maxx Beauty Bargains

Hey guys!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post this - I've been ridiculously busy... no surprise there! Haha. What have I missed?!

Anyway the weekend before last I popped home for a family engagement and I went shopping with my Mum. We nipped into TK Maxx (we have a massive one back home) and I was really surprised at what I managed to pick up! Those who follow me on Twitter will know I tweeted about my bargains straight away - I was so impressed I had to share, haha! I have to admit, it's been a while since I bought any clothes in there - I always head straight to the beauty section!

Here's what I bought:

Urban Decay Ultraglide Lipgloss in Quiver - £4.99 (RRP £11.95)

Obviously it had me at 'Urban Decay'! Since I got the Naked palette for Christmas (you might like to read that blog here) I've been kind of obsessed with the brand...

I was a bit naughty and actually tried the product on my lips in store... I was sure I was going to buy it anyway, but I just wanted to be certain it was the right colour... haha!

Here's what it looked like when I tried it on at home. A lovely, sparkly natural pink. Perfect to pop in my handbag for a night out methinks!

Maybelline Pure Blush Mineral Powder Blush in 50 Opal Rose - £2.99 (RRP £5.99)

I actually picked up this blusher when I was standing in the queue! My skin had just suffered a nasty breakout at the time, I saw 'mineral' and that was it - it was in my basket! I tried it on at home and I have to say, I think I have a problem with this kind of container?! The whole shake it upside down and put it on your brush thing... I never seem to get any? Anyway I use it with my Avon Angled Brush and it's not the most noticeable blush in the world (a very muted dusky-rose) but it's good for my skin, and it was only 3 quid, so I'll stick at it...

Stila Make-Up Set - £11.00 (RRP £61.00)

Obviously, it was the price tag that got me! £61 reduced down to £11 in the clearance, saving £50! Who could say no? I'd never bought anything from the brand before but I'd heard good things about it from other bloggers. Trouble is, the guy at the till couldn't open the container for me, so I bought it on a whim without trying on any of the products...

Here's what was included...

Oil-Free Sheer Color Tinted Moisturiser in Tone (Medium 01)

Beautifully simple cardboard packing... lovely! It was this product I wanted the most. Again, the whole skin breakout thing made me want to try out a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation...

... & it's SPF30 - perfect for the summer, I thought!

Sadly, when I swatched it on my hand at home, it looked rather dark :( I love the effect of it on my face (it gives your skin a lovely glow) but I worry it's still too dark for me. It is winter, though, and I'm as pale as a ghost right now, so fingers crossed it'll suit me when the sun's out!

Shine Lip Color in Anna (02)
I actually thought this product was a lipgloss when I saw it in the container - I think it was the name 'shine lip color' that confused me?

Swish grey metal packaging... very nice! (Also rather heavy!)

In the tube it looked like a red wine/plummy colour. Too dark for me, I thought...

On the lips it's more wearable. A shimmery wine-coloured red, I can see myself wearing it on nights out... I just haven't had a chance to showcase it yet! :) (I don't go out much!)

Mineral Matte Eye Shadow in Makalu
I actually thought the black bit in the middle was part of the packaging...

... but it turns out it was just a black eyeshadow! I assume you're supposed to de-pot this into some kind of Stila eye make-up palette like Mac lovers do? Sadly I don't have either of those, so I'm going to have to tie it up with an elastic band and add it to my other single eyeshadows! You can't go wrong with a black eyeshadow, I suppose! (Although I do already have plenty!)

That's it beauty wise! I could've bought so much more - they had Tigi Brunette Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner (smells delicious - like fudge!) and St. Tropez Self-Tan but I resisted the temptation! Not without regret, sadly!

A number of items also caught my eye elsewhere in the store. Reading blogs like the Yummy Mummy Beauty Blog and Bubblegarm, where both ladies always find such lovely items in the TK Maxx homeware section, persuaded me to have a look there. I did find some beautiful ornaments to store my make-up in, but I do already have enough make-up storage! *sigh*

So I just bought...

Cupcake mug - £1.99

Isn't it pretty? It's the perfect size for a smaller cup of tea or coffee. Both of which I depend on daily....

What have you picked up in TK Maxx recently? If you haven't had a look in the beauty section before... I'd definitely recommend it! :)

Lots of love,

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