Sunday, 20 February 2011

ASOS Sale Haul

Hey blogettes!

ASOS is probably my favourite retailer of all time (including shops on the high street) - it's just my one-stop-shop for everything fashion & beauty! I'm an ASOS Premier account member so I get unlimited free next day delivery and returns, as well as 20% student discount (well, I did... more on that later) so it was only right that I indulged in some of their New Year sale items!

In chronological order...

WAS £38 NOW £23
(paid £18.40 with 20% student discount)

You may recognise this dress from a certain Girls' Night Out blog post of mine! Click here if you would like to see what it looks like on. I love the fit of this; a bustier top that goes out at the waist suits my hourglass shape! It has ballet-style netting beneath the skirt to give it that extra oomph! I teamed it with black ankle boots, a black waisted belt & red lips for uber glam! The only thing I would say about this dress is that the top bit comes up quite low, so I had to keep pulling it up. Still a bargain, though!

St. Tropez Wash Off Gift Set - WAS £25 NOW £15
(paid £12 with 20% student discount)

Eek! Such a bargain, the Skin Illuminator that comes included (left in the picture) is worth £25 on its OWN! I can't believe it works out to only £4 per item. It includes a Skin Illuminator (like a body highlighter), Wash Off Self Tan Body Lotion and Wash Off Self Tan Face Lotion. The one for your body is fantastic - great for those nights out when you've forgotten to apply fake tan/decide to get your legs out at the last minute! I applied WAY too much of the face lotion and had to wipe it off with face wipes first time around, whoops!

WAS £65 NOW £39
(paid £31.20 with 20% student discount)
I've been looking for a woolly aran cardigan all winter, but Topshop were charging £60+ and the ones in Primark just didn't do it for me. I find it really hard to find long cardigans that fit because I'm really short! They're always too long. When this cardi popped up in my size, I added it to my basket and voila, it fits like a glove! I did order the olive-coloured one as well but I returned it - I just couldn't see myself wearing it enough. I've worn this one loads, though :)

(paid £5.76 with 20% student discount)

I really should stop buying products when I've got bad skin! I will literally try anything to clear it up. One of my old housemates used this and it made her skin look beautiful and glowy. I used this for the first time in the shower and I was in a bit of a rush, I didn't even use the sponge to remove it, so I kind of need to use it properly before I can review it properly!

nb. This product has now gone back up to its original price.

WAS £65 NOW £52
(paid £41.60 with 20% student discount)

I know, I know, you may think it's a lot of money to spend on a blazer but I have many important interviews/meetings to attend in the near future, and I really needed something smart to wear! It fits perfectly (normally the arms are too long) and it even does up! I was imagining I was going to have to wear it undone. Love the power shoulders, as well. It's a proper investment purchase! this point, ASOS decided they would stop offering student discount on sale items! I was very angry, as you can guess. It's still valid on non-sale items, though.

PETITE Floral Jegging - WAS £30 NOW £13

I probably shouldn't have bought these, considering summer is a LONG way off but I could just see myself wearing them with a plain tee & strappy sandals! What can I say? I need help!

WAS £28 NOW £14

I just needed some smart black trousers to wear to a family event so I snapped these up. Petite ladies, let me warn you, you might need to take these up... they are still RATHER long. But very comfy :) They've gone down to £11 as well, now!

WAS £65 NOW £35

I know it's the same blazer as before, but I needed to inject some colour into my all-black potential work wardrobe! I knew it fitted perfectly from buying the black one so I snapped this up in a Size 8 before it went out of stock. Love it. Smart chic.

WAS £70 NOW £25
This jumpsuit had been sitting in my saved items list for AGES but it was only down to £52 in the sale and I just couldn't afford that! I bought it the moment it went down to £25! It's the first time I've bought a jumpsuit, because I'm so short, but I plan to wear it to my boyfriend's 21st. Let's hope he likes it! :)

I know what you're thinking... It's all well and good to buy all these lovely sale items, but it all adds up! Overall the total is just under £200, which is a lot, but considering half of it is smart clothes to wear to work and it's all the clothes I've really bought since January, I guess it's not too bad. Not to forget, I must have sent hundreds of pounds worth of stuff back!

Have you bought anything in the ASOS sale recently? Let me know!


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  1. I have yet to purchase from ASOS and that leopard dress is so sexy chic!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. OMG Marie you have to!!! So many bargains! It's my favourite retailer EVER! Haha.