Sunday, 27 February 2011

Review: Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac

Hey guys!

Now I know I have plenty of lipglosses but I prefer a more natural look during the day, and I only ever seem to wear Vaseline Rosy Lips! (excuse the condition of the case in the pic... I wear it a LOT!) I saw these Sleek Pout Polishes on Cami Loves Kiwi 's blog, where she gave them rave reviews, and the shade Pink Cadillac stood out for me the most!

I picked this up in Superdrug, Canterbury when I went to visit my other half. It was the last one left in the shade Pink Cadillac so I couldn't say no! It retails for £4.29 but I got 10% student discount with my NUS Extra card so it was just under 4 quid in the end! :) It's only 10g though, which is quite small...

It looks extremely bright, almost fuchsia pink in its case, but it isn't that bright on the lips at all!

As you can see from the picture below, it's a very natural looking, glossy pink. I would describe it as Vaseline Rosy Lips... but better! You only need to use a tiny bit as well!
It's a thumbs up from me! One thing I would say is that it doesn't last very long - a couple of hours max. It's small enough to take around with you though so you can keep re-applying!

Next on my wishlist is the Sleek Pout Polish in Electro Peach. I saw a picture of it on Glitter and Shimmer's blog and it just looks amazing, so natural and pretty!

Have you tried Sleek Pout Polish? What did you think?

Lots of love,

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  1. Love the look of these, defo gonna get my hands on some! Love that you can get student discount too, always a plus!x

  2. I would definitely recommend them!
    I know, it's so good - I hardly buy any branded stuff in Boots anymore!
    OMG just checked out your blog - I love it!


  3. I've been looking for something like this, actually. Thanks for the review!


  4. This looks really similar to my Mac Tinted Lip conditioner in Fuchsia, maybe a dupe? I will have to go down to Superdrug and have a look x

  5. @Jess - You're welcome! I forgot to mention, it smells AMAZING btw - like cotton candy!

    @Atia - I've never bought anything from MAC before! I'd definitely recommend this, though!