Friday, 18 March 2011

Car Boot Bargains - Take 2!

Hey everyone!

I popped home recently and noticed there was a car boot happening at a local school. Some people may turn their noses up at car boots, but I've picked up some amazing bargains in the past (see my Car Boot Bargains post from last year here) and I've made some good money selling my old clothes as well!

Here's what I picked up this time...

No7 Make-up Bag - 50p
It was love at first sight! I already have a wide array of make-up/beauty bags but this one from No7 seemed right up my street (it even matches my purse - yay!)

It's quite small but it fits in all my handbag essentials (hand sanitizer, tissues, hand cream and eye drops - glamorous!)

Paperchase Notepad - 50p

How cute? This was brand new from Paperchase, and I know how expensive Paperchase stuff is! It features little plastic pockets inside it as well, so I plan to use it for recipes as my current recipe book is currently bursting at the seams!

Wuthering Heights - 20p

OK, so the only reason I bought this is because Bella references it in Twilight! Who's with me?! I've been wanting it for ages as I've heard it's one of the most tragic love stories - I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into it!

Laptop case - 50p
Literally couldn't have come across this at a better time! I'd come home with my laptop but misplaced my old laptop case just before I left, so I was travelling with it in the bottom of my suitcase, hoping it didn't get smashed up! Luckily it didn't, but this laptop case is 10x better than my old one!
First of all, it's got handles! My old one didn't, and it's got little pouches as well for all the cables that go with your laptop. As you can see, with my Dell laptop in it (above) - it's perfect!

The moral of this blog post is to not turn up your noses at car boots - all the stuff I bought came to only £1.70 and I couldn't be happier with it all! It's like shopping, but without the guilt of spending! Think of it as eBay without the shipping costs... haha!

What do you think of car boots? Have you picked up any bargains recently?

Let me know in the comments section below :)


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