Monday, 21 March 2011

New Shoes!

Hey all :)

This is more of an accumulative post - not all these shoes are new in the sense that they're recent purchases, but they're basically all the shoes I've bought since the beginning of the year! So, in chronological order...

I'll start with these pumps. I picked them up from eBay for about 8 quid - they are rather thin (I can feel the ground when I'm walking!) but they go with everything in my wardrobe so they're a keeper! :)
Next, I bought these shoe boots from They're called the Christina and were £28.99. It's a shame I haven't worn them more but I kind of bought them at the end of winter, rather than at the beginning! (silly me)
I also bought these heels from Boohoo. I've wanted them for ages, to wear with smart dresses, and they were a steal at £25! Very comfy and really elongate my legs! They do them in Grey as well (look here).
Then, I picked up these nude patent platform court shoes from Barratts. They cost £25 as well but as you can imagine they go with everything! I plan to wear them more in the summer with bare legs... oo-er!
Finally I bought these black platform heels for £12! They were from Priceless Shoes and they do them in Nude as well. They're a little bit big but they're the right size and I'm sure I'll squeeze into them. Again, I'm sure they'll go with everything so I'm not too worried :)
I think I've picked up some really timeless shoes that can go with anything in my wardrobe! :)

What do you think? Have you picked up any heels recently?





  1. So many shoes! Lucky you:)
    I want to get nude one as well:)

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOO Helloooooo can i please come to your house and try on all your shoes haha
    Lovely shoes hun xx

  3. absolutely love the second pair! :) x

  4. @Supergirl! I love shoes because I'm always the same size in them!

    @Paula Haha yes of course you can! :) Thank you!

    @Meg Me too - they're amazing!!! :)