Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rimmel VIP goodies...

Hey bloggers :)

Some of you may know, I'm a Rimmel VIP, which means I get sent products from the company to review. I've been a huge Rimmel fan all my life, so it's an honour to be treated to these products! I've got 3 products to review this time, but you might want to read my other Rimmel product reviews here and here :)

Up first, we have...

Match Perfection Compact Powder in True Ivory
I'm a big fan of compact foundations and I'm using Avon's cream-to-powder compact foundation at the moment. I just find the little pad that comes with it so easy to use when I'm in a rush doing my make-up!

Rimmel's version also comes with a pad and mirror, perfect for touching up on-the-go!

Here's what Rimmel say...

"A super-blendable lightweight formula with smart tone TM technology that cleverly adapts to your skin's natural colour and texture, while blue sapphire pigments enhance your natural colour and tone. Lasts as long as you do!"

and here's what I have to say...

I have to admit, my first impressions of this product weren't good. The product says 'ultra-creamy' but it wasn't creamy at all. It's very dry, and its coverage is very light. I could still see my blemishes afterwards. Maybe I'm too hung up on Avon's version, which is ultra creamy, but I will keep on trying this to see if my experiences improve...

Next up, we have...

Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in True Ivory
Now, this foundation is MUCH better! Maybe I'm just a fan of heavier coverage foundation, but this one really does the job. As you can see from the picture below, it's a lovely, creamy texture and the shade True Ivory is perfect for me.

Rimmel say...

"Giving a smooth lightweight coverage, Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation leaves skin feeling hydrated all day. The transfer proof and fade-proof formula means your foundation now lasts up to 25 hours, for a day that never stops."

I say...

Firstly, I wouldn't describe the coverage as 'lightweight' but that's a good thing, in my eyes! Although, it might be too heavy for summer days. Also, it definitely has that 'Rimmel' smell. It's very fresh, similar to the smell of the Recover foundation if any of you have tried that. Great coverage, great shade, lasts all day - It's a thumbs up from me!

and finally...

Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves Mascara in Black
I've always been a loyal Rimmel mascara fan, since before I can remember. They always do exactly what they say on the tin! For around 4 quid as well, you can't really go wrong. My current faves are the Lash Accelerator, Volume Flash The Max and the classic Extra Super Lash.

Here's what Rimmel say...

"Introducing our biggest curved brush ever, with extreme volume and lift. The Max Bold Curves mascara delivers up to 14x more volume so lashes look fuller and longer."

So here's my lashes before...

and here's my lashes afterwards...
As you can see, not a drastic improvement, but a slight curl. This was with 2 coats. I might use this mascara on top of another one for a final curl, but I wouldn't use it on its own.

So that's it for this time! I was also given a Eyeshadow Quad to try, but it included colours I wouldn't wear (turquoise, purple, etc) so I can't review it honestly as I'd never wear it sadly.

What are your favourite Rimmel products?





  1. how do you become a vip for rimmel?x

  2. Hey, I was invited to become one by the company. I think if you go to their Facebook page 'Rimmel Student UK' they might be able to help :)



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