Thursday, 14 April 2011

4 reasons why you should buy Cosmo this month...

Hey girls!

Here's 4 reasons why you should buy Cosmopolitan this month...

1. Kim Kardashian is on the cover.

If you hadn't learnt from my blog already (!) Kim Kardashian is my style icon/a huge idol of mine. I generally just love her. I'm obsessed with KUWTK/KKTNY & the whole Kardashian clan :) Here she does an exclusive interview & photoshoot with Cosmo! Steal Kim Kardashian's style here.

2. It comes with a free book!

I opted for The Truth About Melody Browne by Lisa Jewell as I've already read Sophie Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret? If I hadn't read either, I'd definitely choose Sophie Kinsella's! It's one of my favourite books - old school chick lit!

3. It's available in a handy travel size - perfect for popping in your handbag!

Self-explanatory really! I've had this in my handbag all week, perfect for those bus stop/bench moments when you've got a few minutes to pass...

4. Students can get it for £1.50!

If you're a student and you've picked up a Cosmo on Campus recently, you can get a £2 off Cosmo coupon! I did and I got the magazine (+free book) for only £1.50! Bargain!

I'm seriously contemplating a travel size subscription - it's £15 for 12 issues which is only £1.25 an issue! That's nothing. I used to have a Glamour subscription which my boyfriend got me as a present but it only lasted 12 months. I used to love getting my issue on the 1st of every month, it was such a treat! :)

Have you read this month's Cosmo? Do you subscribe to it, or any other magazines?

Let me know!





  1. Definitely going to pick up a copy as i'm in need of a new book to read! x

  2. Do it! You won't regret it :)


  3. Oooh thanks for this! Deffo gonna get my hands on one now :) love when mags give books away :)

    Great blog following now!


  4. i get the travel size subscription :) i think i prefer ELLE though xx

  5. @Sarah You're welcome! It was such a bargain I couldn't resist posting! Oh wow following you too!!

    @Kia How come you prefer ELLE? I've always thought it was more high-end fashion? I'm a high-street girl!