Friday, 8 April 2011

7 Things About Me!

Hey guys!
I received a Stylish Blogger Award from the lovely Daisy recently :) Here's what to do if you are tagged -
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I'm going to be honest, this has been sitting in my scheduled posts for a while now but I've finally had the time to sit down and do it :)

1) I'm half-Italian. Well, a quarter Sicilian and a quarter Italian! My Grandad is from Italy while my late Grandma was from Sicily. My family come from a small town called Contursi Terme, near Naples. I've been to visit my family over there about 5 times but I haven't been for a few years. I love going there, it's so blissful and tranquil and the food is DELICIOUS!

(the view from our farmhouse in Italy)

2) My full name is Sophia Jacqueline Moir. My parents named me Sophia so that my Italian relatives could call me Sophia and my English ones could call me Sophie. You can call me whatever you like :) Sophia/Sophie means wisdom which I think is very accurate! My middle name Jacqueline is after my Nan who's called that. I used to love it growing up because of the author Jacqueline Wilson :) My surname Moir was given to my late English Grandad when he was adopted - it's pronounced Moyer, like Lawyer :)

(me as a bubba!)

3) I have 5 younger brothers and sisters. I love them all dearly! Considering we were all brought up together, we're all very different. They think I'm the moody/serious one. Which I suppose I am! They're so much fun, we're very close and I miss them all when I'm away at uni... It's the Italian in me! I love my home comforts :)

(an old family photo of us!)

4) I've been with my boyfriend Nick for 3 years in May. He's awesome & my best friend...
(Nick and I earlier this year)

5) I have a scar on my left eyebrow. When I was 1, I fell over a football and smashed my head on a ceramic flowerpot. It could have been a lot worse, thank God I wasn't blinded! I don't really notice it on a day-to-day basis when I've got a bit of a tan it's definitely more apparent! I bet you never noticed that before, did you?!

(can you spot the asymmetry?)

6) Before I started uni, I had many jobs! My first job was when I was 16 and it was at British Bookshops & Stationers. I remember I only used to get paid £3.83/hour! I didn't spend half as much as I did now, though! Then, I worked at Tesco (which I hated), then on the checkouts at Sainsbury's (which was much better) and then finally at Next. The best thing about working at Next is definitely the discount! 25% off and you get to check out all the sale stuff before it goes out. I've also worked as an Avon representative. What can I say... I love earning my own money!

(Horsham High Street, where I used to work at Next)

7) In June, I will (hopefully) graduate from my BA (Hons) Multi-Media Journalism degree at Bournemouth University as a qualified journalist. Then, it's up to me to get a job in the real world. Fingers crossed...

(here's me with Company editor Victoria White at the PTC New Journalist of the Year awards. I'm 4th from the left...)

That's my 7 facts! I hope you enjoyed them and learnt a little more about me :)

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  1. Aw I love your photos! So cute! I love Italy, so jealous that your half Italian and have family over there! I think its probably my favourite country to visit :)
    Thanks for the tag love!xx

  2. Thanks Rachel, I definitely need to travel around the country a bit more, I've only ever been to Naples! :(