Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Boots 17 haul: Mirror shine lipsticks, blush & nails!

Hey ladies!

So you know I'm a sucker for a 3 for 2 offer, right? Well, Boots 17 are on 3 for 2 at the moment and, well, I've wanted the Mirror Shine lipsticks for AGES... Here's what I picked up :)

Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Beehive - £4.59
Eeeeek! This is such a cult lipstick in the blogosphere, with Holly and Lollipop26 raving about it on their blogs. I always swatch these lipsticks on my hand when I go into Boots but I've never justified buying them... *sob*... until now.
I picked up Beehive!

Here it is without flash...

& with flash...

Hello shiny nude pink :)

Here are my lips before...

and my lips after...
I it! Seriously, if you were contemplating getting this shade, and you're a fan of a natural nude lip, you have to get this! It's so soft and nourishing, and the shade is just *perfect*... One of my favourite lipsticks EVER! :)

Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Belle - £4.59
I also picked up the shade Belle! A slightly darker raspberry pink, I thought this would be more suited to evenings when you require a less subtle lip :)

Here it is without flash...

and with flash...

Don't be scared by the purple-ish tint, it looks nothing like that in real life! :)

Here's my lips before...

and my lips after...

Another LUSH shade, this leaves you with a lovely glossy rose lip :) The same moisturising formula as Beehive, only slightly darker. If you have to get one, I'd get Beehive, but seriously, if you have the money, buy them both! Especially if they're still on 3 for 2. You won't be disappointed...

Candy Collection Blush and Glow in Peaches & Cream - £3.99 (FREE with 3 for 2!)
I picked this up after reading that the blush shade was a dupe for Nars - Orgasm! Since purchasing the Nars Orgasm / Laguna palette in December, I've never looked back! How can you go wrong with a cheaper dupe?It contains a white-ish highlighter on one half, and a shimmery peachy blush on the other (the supposed Orgasm dupe!)

As you can see they're both lovely and pigmented, shimmery shades! I would say that this is slightly darker and more peach than Nars Orgasm but I still love the colour nonetheless :) A convenient 2 for 1 product, perfect for popping in your make-up bag! Oh, and it was FREE! You gotta love 3 for 2... :)

Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Sweet Kisses - £2.99
I also purchased this nail colour separately :) I saw it on someone's blog and couldn't resist. I haven't tried it on my nails yet but you'll be the first to know when I do :) It's a kind of nudey pink, sort of like Beehive for your nails!

Overall, I am SO impressed with the quality of 17 products! Seriously, they are so cheap but such good value. The Mirror Shine lipsticks in particular are outstanding and the 'Blush & Go' could be Nars if you didn't know! I've read good things about their Lasting Fix lipsticks as well, namely from No7 Creative Director Lisa Eldridge :) Well, if it's good enough for Lisa...

What are your favourite 17 products?





  1. I so want to try every sing;e one of these products! The lipsticks look gorg! x

  2. Peaches and Cream IS my favourite 17 product! It's super awesome. I think the nail polishes are pretty good for the money too. I have a couple of the lipsticks. Didn't get on great with them but you've persuaded me to give them another chance :D

  3. Those were the first mirror shines I bought :) defo staples in my makeup kit now xx

  4. @Christina OK you have too!!! Swatch them if nothing else! :)

    @Konni I haven't been using Peaches & Cream a lot actually because I find it really hard to get the product on the brush without getting the other product on it if you get what I mean! :( Aww yeah deffo give the Mirror Shines another chance x

    @Charli Yep, completely agree with you!