Saturday, 23 April 2011

GOSH Giant Sun Powder: Review

Hey ladies!

You may remember I went on a little GOSH haul in Superdrug recently! I'm so chuffed with the products I bought (especially the nail lacquers) but more importantly I filled out the survey on the back of the receipt to get money off (25% off Superdrug own brand) and I didn't realise GOSH was Superdrug own brand! Woopah! I knew exactly what I was going to get with my 25% off... their Giant Sun Powder :) (RRP £12.99)
As you can see, it's pretty bloomin' giant! 28g of powder, woah!

I love it, it's a really shimmery golden powder. I've not been using it as a bronzer, but as a highlighter (mostly on my cheekbones) instead, just using my fingers...
Lovely and golden... Would look amazing with a tan! Shame I've not been abroad or on a sun bed for about a year! :(

So here's my cheeks before...
and after...
It's the perfect golden highlighter! All in all, I got 25% off own brand and 10% student discount ON TOP of that - so it came to about £8! Bargain!

What do you think? Have you used GOSH's Giant Sun Powder before?





  1. That's huge! Really pretty though. :)

  2. its gorgeous :) New follower here i'd love if you follow back

  3. that is massive!!!! get on the sunbeds (or if you're sensible fake tan haha) are you off on holiday this year?? xxx

  4. That looks great! I could definitely use a tan as well xx

  5. I have looked at this before in thye shop it looks so pretty xx

  6. @Cherry Thanks love! I know it is massive lol, definitely not one for the handbag! Will last ages though! :)

    @Peach Crush Thank you! Following you :)

    @Alana I know lol, I do need to hit the sunbeds but I'd rather use a can of spray tan, so much cheaper! No I'm not :( Want to though but no $/time! I'm so jealous of you jetting off to LA, how could you go like every year?!

    @Nicoletta Definitely get it, would be perfect for hols :)