Tuesday, 19 April 2011

London day out!

Hi girls :)

It was my boyfriend Nick's 21st recently so we spent the day in London town :) We're only an hour away so it's really easy to get to! We had a really fun day; shopping at Westfield, lunch at GBK, a trip to the Natural History Museum and a surprise gig!

We started by shopping in Westfield London. I've never been here before but I know it's a very popular shopping destination! It's HUUUGE as well!

I picked up a new pair of skinny jeans in Miss Selfridge and some bits from MAC! My first ever MAC purchases... blog to follow! :) Nick picked up a stripy top from Topman!

We had lunch in Gourmet Burger Kitchen! I've never been there before either :) It was so lovely sitting outside, it was such a sunny day! There were so many restaurants to choose from, we had our eye on the traditional Mexican restaurant Wahaca but we opted for GBK instead as we were starving!

I had a chicken burger with avocado & bacon :) It was DELICIOUS! It was massive though, I had to chop it up! I also had an elderflower drink which was lovely...

Nick had a beef burger with pesto and a beer :) We also shared some onion rings... naughty!

We had SNOG frozen yoghurt for dessert! Have you tried it?

I had natural frozen yoghurt with strawberries and white chocolate stars! I loved mine :) Such a treat! Nick had chocolate frozen yoghurt with strawberries and chocolate brownie pieces, but he didn't like his :( So I ate it for him!

After shopping and lunch, we then headed to the Natural History Museum...

The last time I went there was when I was a child and the only thing I could really remember was the imitation earthquake in the supermarket! My favourite part this time was definitely the volcanoes section (bit of a geology geek!) and the dinosaurs :)

Nick loved the dinosaurs too :) It definitely made us want to go home and watch Jurassic Park! It was free entry as well which is super!

We then took a trip up to Wembley Park for our surprise gig at Wembley Arena :) Nick still didn't know who we were seeing at this point :) We took a few pics outside Wembley Stadium...

Some kids were running naked through the water fountains behind me... OOOK then!


They were so good! So much fun, and the frontman was such a good performer, making everyone sing along! They sung all their classics (She's So Lovely/Famous/Heartbeat, etc)...

I had a whale of a time! Shame we had to leave early to catch the train, but I definitely enjoyed what I saw!

Then we headed back home :) I was very tired and hungry so not good company ha! Some woman was scoffing Wasabi on the way home, it was so smelly!

What do you like to do in London? Is there anywhere you'd recommend?





  1. That museum biulding is soooo beautyful!

  2. Thanks love, I know - it looks amazing inside as well!


  3. these photos are awesome! i love seeing photos of london taken by people - not just in the magazines. :) and i didn't know there's a westfield mall over there -- there are tons here. :)

    <3, Mimi

  4. Ahh how nice, this is exactly the kind of day my bf & I have been trying to plan for AGES - it's just getting the time off work that's a kicker! I loooooooooove Scouting For Girls, I used to be in their street team, getting people to sign up to the mailing list, selling the merch etc, and I've seen them play five times. It's such a shame I keep missing their gigs, as I really miss them - they're good at keeping their teamers well fed and boozed up haha! Looks like you had a lovely day, am 'so jel'!

    Steph xxx

  5. Mimi - the Westfield Sophia went to is near Shepherd's Bush, in South West London, but they are building a second one in Stratford where the Olympic Village is in time for next year - it looks amazing!

    Steph xx