Thursday, 7 April 2011

My favourite online shopping portals...

Hey ladies!

I thought I'd let you in to a little secret of mine. To help me find products on the net, I use shopping portals - Shopping and Google Shopping. I use the InStyle website if I'm looking for a trend, and Google Shopping to find a product the cheapest (usually beauty). Shopping

I discovered this website when I was doing a work placement at InStyle and found it so useful! It searches all the fashion websites (including your standard ASOS/Topshop, etc but also cheaper places like ASDA & Tesco) and displays them for your convenience. So, if I see a trend in a magazine that I like, for example a floral playsuit, I search on here to find what's on offer! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Instyle Shopping...

1) Go onto the InStyle UK website

2) Click on the Shopping tab (along the top, 8th one from the left)

3) Search for what you want in the left box. I searched 'floral playsuit.' You can then adjust the price, brand, colour etc along the left so you're left with exactly what you want.

4) Click on whichever item you fancy and it takes you directly to the item on the store's website! Easy, huh?

You'll be addicted in no time! It's perfect for searching trends! I've also just noticed it searches Beauty products as well (just click on the tab along the left) which is fab!

Google Shopping

Now you've probably already heard of this, but, like me, you may not have used it to its greatest effect! Until now that is. If I see a product I really like on a blog or something, I'll go straight here to see where I can find it the cheapest. It's great because it searches eBay as well so you really do get the cheapest prices on the net!

1) Go to Google.

2) Click on the Shopping tab.

3) Search for whatever you like. So, I searched 'St Tropez Everyday Legs' to see where I could find it cheapest.

4) Click on the link and it takes you straight to the product! Result!

Do you use online shopping portals? Tempted?

Let me know your thoughts!





  1. The InStyle website looks so useful! Definitely going to have to start using that. xx

  2. Definitely Sammy! I use it like every day! Saves me trawling a load of websites! Let me know how you get on :)