Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bargain of the Week: Creightons Sunshine Blonde & L'Oréal hair masques!

Hey ladies!

Now you might recognise these products from my Top 10 Hair & Beauty Bargains Under £1 post, in which I talked about my love for the Creighton's Beautiful Brunette range. Now I'm a blonde (or should I say, bronde) I had to switch to the blonde range instead!

It's called Sunshine Blonde and the Shampoo and Conditioner are £1 each from Poundland.
These are fab for accentuating the blonde in my hair and giving it a good clean, but they don't give it enough of that glossy look I love. Cue next product...

L'Oréal Nourish & Shimmer Highlights Masque
This is a wonder product. Seriously. If any of you are wondering how I get my hair so shiny (or maybe you aren't!) it's down to this baby. I use it after the Creighton's Shampoo and Conditioner as a post-conditioning treatment. I love it, I use it every time I wash my hair! I leave it on for a few minutes, comb it through and my hair is so soft and silky! No sticky residue or anything like that. This one smells of royal jelly as well which I LOVE! If you've got blonde/highlighted hair you should definitely get this! If you haven't, you should use the L'Oréal Nutri Gloss Masque which is equally amazing and perfect for normal/brown hair! These retail for around £5 and believe me, they're the best fiver you'll ever spend!

Have you used these products? If not, what are your fave bargain hair treatments?




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