Monday, 23 May 2011



Now I wish this post was about actual doughnuts (pass me a Krispy Kreme anyday, luv) but it's actually about the hair craze :) Bit of a random blog post but after it featured on Rachel's blog I had to go out and get me one! They're so cool! I picked up mine for £4.60 in Boots in the light brown shade but I've seen similar ones in New Look :)
It's perfect for creating an up-do bun, you simply tie your hair into a ponytail, thread the hair through the 'doughnut' and pin it in place. Takes about a minute but it looks like it's taken much longer!

Here's my shot at it...
Not bad! Not a look I'd perhaps rock in the day as it's too 'made-up' for my liking, but perfect for evening occasions when you cba to curl your hair :)

Have you tried the doughnut? Thinking about it?





  1. Haha yay! I love this so much, def one of my fave hair-do's at the moment :D xx

  2. I am buying one the next time I see it!!
    I used to have to wear them when I did ballet so have avoided them loads, but it looks amazing! x

  3. amazing. love this so much. amazing post. would love if you could stop by and check out my latest post. xoxo
    For all the latest celebrity fashion news.

  4. I saw Rachel's post too - both of your hair looks lovely! I think my face is too long to suit up-dos like this :(
    Also, spotted a brown one of these in Primark for a quid today! xxx

  5. Finally! This sounds so stupid, but living in Liverpool, all the girls go out with their hair like this, day and night, and I just couldn't understand how they turned a natty looking donut into a glossy perfect bun. Your explanation has solved my dilemmas! Now, if only my hair would grow so I can try this look myself - I love it :)

    Steph x

  6. @Rachel Thanks for the inspiration, lol! Can't wait to wear this on a night out :)

    @FashBoulevard Thanks love! Frickin love your blog!

    @Daisy Aww no you should definitely try it out, you never know! Pick up the Primarni one!

    @Steph Haha that's so funny! Now you know! It works with quite short hair as well, mine's too long really :(


  7. That is genius! I have been trying to get my hair to make a bun like that forever and had no idea how celebs did it! Where can I get one?!

    -Jenny (