Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant Sheer Tint in Blush!

Hey loverrrs!

I bought this baby after seeing it on Rachel's blog. Obsessed, me? No!

I already owned the Original 8 Hour Lip Protectant after buying it duty free and it's one of my favourite lip balms! I just love the 8 Hour smell, I can't describe it, it's kind of antiseptic-smelling, but it's addictive! I figured my favourite lipbalm with a summery blush tint would be perfect for summer!

It's quite a bright pink in the tube but it's more sheer on the lips :)

Here's my lips before...

and after...

Lovely glossy, sheer pink!

Elizabeth Arden say...

"Super-emollient Lip Tint to soothe chapped lips with the healing power of 8 Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden. Enriched with emollients, protective sunscreen and vitamin E"

I say...

They're not wrong! I love it - it's the perfect pink lip balm AND it's got SPF15! Perfect for popping in your bag and taking to the park/beach!

Face shot...

Sorry I couldn't raise a smile! As you can see the coverage is very sheer, but it's right up my street :)

I bought this on eBay and got it shipped over from the States as it was the cheapest option, but Boots sell it for £18.38.

Have you tried this product? What are your fave summer lipbalms?





  1. I really liked the look of this but was a bit put off by the price! Will have a quick look on ebay then :) was it BIN or did you bid to get it cheap? xxx

  2. Haha I'm really enjoying the influence I've had on you :P This is my favourite lip balm, funnily enough though the colour seems to come out quite strong on me! Also you beat me to the post because I still meant to get round to doing a proper review! It looks great on you, I'm glad you like it so much :) xxx