Sunday, 8 May 2011

Gem's blog sale including Nails Inc & GOSH! :)

Hey lovelies!

Did anyone pick up any bargains in Gem's blog sale? I LOVE her blog Flutter and Sparkle and she's one of the loveliest bloggers out there, seriously :) She even gave me one of the items for free, what a sweetie! (or should I say, tweetie!) Sadly her blog sale has now ended but here's what I picked up...

Nails Inc in Baker Street - £3

I've never used Nails Inc before but I've heard great things about the brand and this colour seemed right up my street! It's a lovely creamy tomato red :) Gem reduced the price for me as well which is fantastic as I can try the product without breaking the bank! Looking forward to trying it!

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling - £2
The infamous Gosh Darling lipstick, another one of those products everyone seems to have except me!

I've read it's the perfect nude shade for your lips. Worth a try for £2, right? Considering how much I love GOSH!

I was taken aback, I've never worn such a nude shade on my lips before!!! I thought Revlon Soft Nude was nude, but no!

The trouble with it, I found, was that it wasn't a matte finish, it was kind of a sheer, almost glossy, finish so it didn't settle properly so I could see the creases in my lips...

I tried topping it with my Bourjois 3D Effect lipgloss in Rose or Epic to tone down the nude slightly as it was a bit scary!
Didn't quite work really! Again it didn't quite settle on my lips enough, help?!

How do you make Gosh Darling work? What are your favourite Darling lip combinations?

GOSH Lipgloss in 0010 - FREE

I know, free, how lucky am I!!!

I got this in shade 0010, which I'd never heard of before, but it was a glossy nude-pink online which seemed good to me!



I LOVE this lipgloss! I MUCH prefer the texture to that of ELF's Mineral Lipgloss which was really gloopy and sticky. This is so soft and sheer, perfect!

So that's all I picked up this time, cost me £7 inc £2 P+P, bargain!

Have you tried any of these products? Any blog sales I should check out?

Thanks girls!




  1. i saw a great post the other day on beautys bad habit about this lipstick & how to deal with the paleness x

  2. It's so lovely of you to mention me in your post! I'm glad you're loving the lipgloss. Gosh Darling is hard to work with, but I read a post just a few days ago showing 10 different ways to make it work or use it with other colours - I just googled and managed to find it again. Here it is - I hope it helps =)

    Gem xx