Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nail varnish storage!

Hey guys!
I thought you might be interested to know how I store my abundance of nail polishes! You may remember they were stored in a Muji box on top of my make-up storage but they outgrew that box!

I've since split my nail varnies into summer shades and winter shades (they were all in the first box, hence the split as I ran out of space!)

Here are the summer shades...
Currently stored in an old The Body Shop storage box (from my cranberry collection I got for Christmas) in rainbow colour order! I dipped a cotton bud in the colours and dotted the lids to make it easier to spot which colour I want :) You can tell I'm a coral/peach/reds lover!

The winter shades...
Same as really, found this box randomly and filled them with winter colours in colour order! There's less shades because the dark reds etc that I would normally wear in winter are blended in with the reds in the summer box, they're kind of all season shades really!

So that's it really, just a couple of boxes :)

How do you store your nail varnishes?





  1. Wow, that is some good organisation! Mine are just flung about all over the place haha xxx

  2. wowsers! you have so many! I'll do a post on how i store mine too :) x

  3. brilliant. i love this. thanks for another great post. swing by to see 3 new post today including the latest celebrity trend report. xoxo

  4. Great storage ideas, mine are currently in Soap & Glory gift bags!

  5. @Daisy Haha! I like to keep everything in one place, keeps me on track of how many I've got, doesn't stop me buying more though lol!

    @Kia Ooh, yes please, love reading other people's storage posts!

    @Anna You're welcome! Love your blog, so jealous of you living in Hollywood, you must love it!

    @Cherry Thanks love, so easy to do, literally just found the 2nd box in a drawer somewhere lol!