Thursday, 26 May 2011

NARS Summer 2011 Mayflower lipstick review!

Hey ladies!

I've been lusting after the NARS Mayflower lipstick for a while now but couldn't justify its £17.50 price tag... eek. I went and swatched it in Space NK (fell in love) and proceeded to buy it on ASOS (free ND delivery + 10% student discount = slightly more justified!) It was an impulsive "I've finished my degreeI deserve a treat" type purchase that I'm not certain is worth its hefty price tag.

It arrived in its swish NARS packaging...

...the lipstick itself is actually TINY. It's 3.4g - FYI ELF's Mineral lipsticks are 3.8g - 6cm long and just under 2cm wide. It's more like a mini lipstick than an actual lipstick.

Here's what NARS say about the ltd edition Mayflower lipstick...

"Limited edition sheer lipstick by NARS from the summer collection. Enriched with vitamin E for maximum hydration, the lipstick contains long-lasting colour pigments in the translucent formula, adding a natural tint to the lips"

and here it is without flash...

and with flash...

The colour is described as sheer raspberry.

Here's my lips before...

and after...

I would definitely agree with the sheer raspberry description - it's spot on really!

Face shot...
When I first swatched this lipstick in Space NK I instantly fell in love. I had to have it. Now I've bought it, I don't think it's worth its price tag at all. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely, natural looking lipstick but £17.50 is ridiculous. I bought a lipstick from MUA recently for £1 and I've worn it every day since - it's a lovely colour, super moisturising, long lasting, I know that's an extreme but £17.50 is just unjustifiable, especially when it's so tiny. Are all NARS lipsticks that small?! Unless you're made of money and willing to splash the cash (or can find it cheaper on eBay) I wouldn't pay full-price for this lipstick... Simple as.

You can buy this lipstick on ASOS here.

Would you buy this lipstick? What are your favourite lipstick brands?




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