Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Avon skincare and nails haul!

Hey lovely ladies!

OMG I have not blogged properly for SO long. What's wrong with me? You know when you have a huge list of posts to complete that you can't even bear to start the mammoth task, yup, it's been like that!

Anyway - back to blog. Before I left uni (which feels like ages ago now) I ordered a few bits from my local Avon lady :) Some of them were products I'd bought before and others were new purchases but overall I'm really happy with it all... here's what I got!

(prices are what I paid for them at the time, not necessarily what they are now)
Clearskin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub - £2.75
This is a re-purchase, in fact you may recall it from my Top 10 Avon Products post! It's one of the best, most effective face scrubs I've found on the market, as it contains salicylic acid which helps to clear blemishes. Often I leave it on for 5 minutes or so (when it begins to tingle) and use it as a mask as you can really feel it working. I try and use this 2-3 times a week :)

Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Mud Mask - £3.30
I first used this product when it came in a box of Planet Spa mini face masks that I bought in a haul at Christmas :) This was the only one that stood out for me, the others didn't really do much for my skin! But this one was great and really suited to my oily, blemished skin. I love the smell and feel of the mud, it just feels so natural, and I really feel like how it works to draw out all the dirt and grime beneath my skin! I use this as a special treat once a week (usually on a Sunday!) but I'm on the hunt for some good clay masks to add to my collection as I've heard they're good for my skin type too. Let me know if you know of any :)

Clearskin Professional Clear Pore Thermal Mask - £3.50
I've not used this product before but as it was on offer, and I've been impressed with the Clearskin Professional range in the past, I figured it was worth a try for a few quid. I love a good thermal face mask (the No7 Purifying Sauna Mask is one of my all-time faves) as you can really feel them working when they hit your skin. This one from Avon got a lot hotter than the No7 one, which I think is a good thing! I need to get some more use out of it really as I've been favouring the mud one a little too much!

Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray - £6.00
This is the first time I've bought this after I saw my manicurist using it on me a couple of months ago! Well if it's good enough for a professional, I thought...! It definitely works to reduce nail drying time, but the spray is essentially a dry oil spray so you have to be careful not to spray it everywhere as you're left with a rather greasy residue which needs to be wiped away with a tissue. Anything to reduce nail drying time gets a thumbs up from me, waiting for my nails to dry is the bane of my life, seriously!

Vitamin C Cuticle Gel - £5.00
Another first time purchase, I use this to soften my cuticles before I press them with a cuticle stick. It's got a lovely, refreshing Vitamin C scent but I'm not sure it's an "essential" product if you know what I mean, I've already got cuticle balm but apparently you use that AFTER you've done all your nail work? Who knows!

Overall I'm hugely impressed with this Avon haul, the products were so cheap for what they're worth! If you've not tried Avon before you should DEFINITELY give it a go - you can shop online or find your local rep and your purchases may help a woman somewhere earn a few extra dollar :)

Have you tried Avon before? What are your favourite products?

Let me know!





  1. I adore Avon, it's just frustrating when you have to wait for two weeks after ordering!

    I swear by their Colour Trend Pencil Play eyeliner. It's the darkest, blackest pencil eyeliner I've found and as I'm allergic to liquid eyeliner it is a great replacement. Highly recommended :)

  2. I love Avon, but our rep hasn't been by for ages! The last catalogue she gave us we didn't need anything but that shouldn't stop her should it? lol.

    I need some more Face Scrub so the mother-in-law is gona give me a heads-up when she gets her Avon catalogue!

    I use the Supermagnify Mascara, it's fab and stays on! Might give the eyeliner summer-claire has mentioned, sounds right up my street!

    Keep up the posting - missed ya! haha xx

  3. I haven't bought anything from Avon in such a long time - it looks like they have all new products now so I should probably check it out again! I like the look of the face mask and the cuticle gel.

    Thanks for sharing xx

  4. loving your blog :) x

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love it if you took part- http://stylefashionvintagebaby.blogspot.com/

  5. @summer-claire I know what you mean, but I quite like the wait that comes with you ordering, it gives you something to look forward to which is quite a rarity nowadays. I LOVE their Color Trend eyeliners! Literally, mine's lasted me years! Their Supershock gel eye liner is amazing as well! Thanks for the recomm!

    @Meg I'm SOOO sorry! I feel really guilty when I feel like I've let down my followers but I guess I've felt a bit detached from it, you know? Anyway, Avon rep shouldn't not deliver to you just because you don't order something once! It might be worth searching for another rep online, that's what I did when I moved to uni, or buy stuff online instead (there's always offers on) rather than waiting for your aunt. Definitely invest in some of their Professional skincare products, they're really well made, and their pencil eye-liners. Will have a look for that mascara when I next order! There's a couple of lipsticks I want too. Lotsa love x

    @Gem Oh seriously you have to check them out, think about buying online if you haven't got a local rep (though you can search for yours online) as their prices are often cheaper than the high street (even Wilkinsons!) They're both fab products you mentioned, worth a try for a couple of quid anyway!

    @Bethany Thanks for the love! Been checking out your blog, really like your style :)