Thursday, 30 June 2011

More car boot bargains!

Hey gals!

I hit up a local car boot recently (reppin Pease Pottage) and picked up some amazing bargains, thanks Mum! You may remember my recent car boot post where I found some gorgeous tan leather boots for a mere £2.50! You can take a peek at my previous boot sale bargain finds here, here and here :) Warning: You may get slightly jealous of my bargain hunting abilities!

Here's what I picked up this time...

Black wool wrap cardigan - £1 (Zara)

I know, what a find huh! I love the shape, colour, design and it's ZARA... for a quid! I dread to think how much the seller paid for it originally! I gave it a wash, and cut off some of the stray threads and it's as good as new, I could even team it with those tan leather biker boots I bought last time at car boot... no shame!

Black patent shoulder bag - 20p (Vintage)

Literally the price of a refresher bar, this little beauty is perfect for nights out on the town. I can just pop it over my shoulder and it will go with EVERYTHING! The clasp even works as well, what a bargain!

Gold embossed hoop earrings - 50p

I must own hundreds of pairs of gold earrings (see my accessories storage post) but none like these :) I plan on wearing them with a bright maxi dress for daytime wear or bodycon dress come night-time. Love them, so summery!

Max Clifford biography - 50p

Not everyone's cup of tea but PR guru Max Clifford is a legend in the media world. And he's minted. Now he's even representing Lauren from TOWIE, wow! (jk) I'm gonna read this before I go to bed when I cba to really think if you know what I mean, and maybe I'll learn a thing or two about the savage media world? Who knows!

Grand total...



Well you can't go wrong with that! It's the same price as as M&S Superfood Shaker Salad that I could devour in minutes! Well these are all still here!

Have you picked up any car boot bargains recently? Or are you a self-proclaimed car boot snob?

Definitely give it a go if you haven't already! It's nice to just have a walk around on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee (and your Mum... aww!)





  1. I go to a great one sometimes - the sellers turn up in BMW's!! I bought a tonne of ZARA things for 10p each - some of the items still had tags on!! Love your ZARA cardi :) x

  2. The bag and the earrings are gorgeous!
    I'll have to check out my local car boot sale soon, haven't been to one in years!

  3. @Catherine OMG! That is serious bargain hunting right there! Thanks love x

    @Sammi You definitely should, have a look online maybe, it's so worth it! x

  4. I definitely need to check out some car boot sales soon!

  5. I've just discovered your blog, via Jennie. You live just down the road! Well, I'm right near Gatwick!

    I've not been to the Pease Pottage boot sale yet, I've often driven past when it's on and wanted to look!

    I'm impressed with your bargain hunting!

  6. @Cherry I swear you said that last time, you need to!!! Bring a fiver & see what you can find! Good luck :)

    @Laura Hi!! Ooh yay I like finding other local bloggers! Just had a peek at your blog, I'm loving it! Might see you at Pease Pottage car boot one day lol!