Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sussex Bootcamps: Week 3!

Hey guys!

Here are my blog posts from my Sussex Bootcamps sessions so far this week. I've had quite a mixed week so far - Monday's was really challenging as I ran to the class beforehand, whereas today's wasn't as successful as I made the mistake of eating my dinner just before the class, whoops! You can read my full Sussex Bootcamps blog on my special Sussex Bootcamps page on the tab along the top of this blog or by clicking here :)

Session 7 (06/06/11 - 7.15pm)

Today was REALLY hard! I went for a run earlier in the day and then ran to my bootcamp class, so I really had to work for it in the session, I was knackered! I was a little late as I ran (obviously overestimated my speed!) so got straight into warm-up stretches. We did a lot of core stability exercises today, which I'm not very good at because I have zero balance! Often I find myself having to just stay static else I'll wobble over! We then moved onto skipping, which may sound easy, bu t when you're knackered as it is, are actually really difficult! We also did squats, mixing it up between narrow and wide to really make our legs work. Mine definitely did, my thighs were aching! We also ran around the park which I find one of the hardest things because you really have to push yourself and give it all you've got. I worked really hard today, I definitely think running to bootcamp helps because it really gets you in the mood. I've also been working on my diet - I have yet to curb my sweet tooth (one day!) but I have made a conscious effort to try and add protein to every meal. Over the weekend I forced my other half to boil me an egg with the soup we were eating, and I ensure I have a yoghurt every breakfast-time if I'm not having a protein-based breakfast e.g. eggs. Can't believe I'm almost at the end now, I definitely didn't realise how unfit I was!

Session 8 (08/06/11 - 7.15pm)

I made a HUGE mistake tonight. I had a curry about half an hour before bootcamp started and I felt sick the whole way through. It didn't help that I was already suffering from hayfever/runny rose etc, and I really let myself down today as I couldn't give it my all for fear of being sick. I have definitely learnt my lesson, and if my mum is cooking a massive dinner before bootcamp I will have to have a banana or something instead and re-heat my dinner after bootcamp, it's just not worth it, I wasn't sweating half as much as I was after Monday's session. However some of the exercises in today's session were REALLY challenging. Again I struggled with some of the core stability exercises because I suffer from a distinct lack of balance, so I often had to remain still and try and complete the exercise that way. We also did bear crawls today and mountain climbers which I find really difficult, I'm so slow compared to everyone else! But I suppose most of them have been doing it much longer than me. We finished the session by running around the park so hopefully next week I can extend my route by a little further. I asked Katie, our bootcamp instructor, if we could do some more ab exercises as I feel that is the area I need most work on, but she encouraged me that all the exercises we do are working our core area. I think I need to lay off the curries really if I want rock-hard Diaz-esque abs! A girl can dream...

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