Wednesday, 27 July 2011

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation + 190 Foundation Brush review!

Hey peoples!

I was lucky enough to be treated to a new MAC foundation and brush recently! Naming no names but let's just say I was truly grateful :) I have never owned a MAC foundation before, I literally have one lipstick and an eyebrow pencil and that's it lol so this was a real treat! You can read my first ever MAC haul post here.

I got...

I went into the MAC store (well, the MAC stand in Fenwicks department store!) not expecting to buy a foundation. I simply wanted to take home a sample so that I could see how I got on with it and whether I wanted to put it on my birthday list (which is next week by the way, woo hoo!) I approached the MUA and basically explained that I was looking for a new foundation that could take me into A/W and that I had my eye on Face and Body and the Pro Longwear (which is what Dulce Candy uses and I lurve her). They didn't stock the Face and Body (boo hoo) but they did stock the Pro Longwear so she colour matched that to my skin. I thought the MUA was quite rude when I said that I was colour matched in Estee Lauder before and found to be the lightest possible shade, I was only trying to be helpful but she was like "oh we're nothing alike, they use colours and we use numbers" in a really snobbish kind of way that kind of put me off even looking! Anyway she colour matched me perfectly (apparently I'm cool toned although Estee Lauder said I was warm toned, wtf?) and before I even had time to ask for a sample my mystery shopper had a full bottle in hand ready to purchase. That was until the MUA insisted that there would be "no point getting the Pro Longwear without a brush as the oil would go onto your face" or something so I got that too, although I've never used a foundation brush before really! (Well, I have, but my No7 one left lines across my face so that was the end of that relationship!)

I was a very lucky girl.

So here are a few snapshots of me sporting the Pro Longwear, applied using my new 190 foundation brush.

Posey posey

FYI I'm wearing Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzer 51, don't you just love it?


Well MAC definitely live up to its reputation. I was worried the Pro Longwear would be gloopy but it's lovely and silky and the colour match is pretty spot-on. I first applied it without the brush and I mean it was OK, but with the brush oh my the effect was amazing! As you can see it leaves with me a flawless, radiant complexion. Believe me, my skin was not like that before lol. I'm satisfied this foundation will take me into Autumn as it's medium coverage, whereas I was worried the Face and Body might be a little too lightweight for A/W. It lasted all day as well, result. Also, the foundation brush doesn't leave lines across my face like the No7 one did! Smiles all round!

At the moment, I'm still using Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect when I'm in a rush as it's thinner and just quicker to apply, or Rimmel 25 Hour when I've got really bad skin and I need something that will cover everything and last for ages, but MAC Pro Longwear is definitely up there now as one of my go-to foundations :)

What's your favourite foundation? Have you ventured into the world of MAC foundation and brushes yet?





  1. aww wow, these were the two things I got from mac the 190 which has lasted me 6 years and counting! and I got the moisture fix foundation in nw20 I remember it very well! Love this brush I use is almost everyday! Great post and like you again someone else treated me to it! xx

  2. I haven't tried these products yet, but I would love to:)

  3. @Adele OMG wow I hope mine lasts that long! What do you use to clean it?

    @Supergirl You should definitely try them :)


  4. I love MAC products- their range is amazing!

  5. I've never tried MAC foundation before. It looks great on you!

  6. i've been debating as to whether to try this foundation or not! i think your review may have swayed me. i love the bourjois chocolate bronzer too! so natural x

  7. @Celery&cupcakes I know I'm in love with it too!!!

    @Cherry Thank you! Maybe you should ask for a sample and see how you get on :)

    @Jodi Oooh yes you should, perhaps ask for a sample if you're curious!