Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Next Summer Sale haul!

Hey loves!

Hope you're all having a great weekend and enjoying the sunny weather! :-)

Now if you're like me and love a bargain, you can't have missed the Next sale recently. They even had TV adverts which I spotted in the gym! My Nan gave me some birthday money to spend so I set myself a budget and stuck to it, believe me I cut down A LOT - I had £500+ worth of stuff I wanted to buy in the sale (working there doesn't help!) but I managed to cut it down to this lot... phew!

Black patent bag - WAS £20 NOW £10
I knew this bag would be a staple in my wardrobe so I couldn't say no. You could literally wear with with ANYTHING! I will wear it to smarten up my A/W outfits. I was more tempted by the A/W sale stuff than any of the summery stuff to be honest as there's not much left of the summer months! Instead I opted for pieces that could take me into autumn :)

Camel patent bag - WAS £20 NOW £10
The same as above but in a lovely, chic camel colour! Well camel never goes out of style, does it? This will instantly update an all-black outfit. I love the little gold studs on the bottom as well :)

Tan satchel - WAS £30 NOW £15
I had my eye on this before it went in the sale and I'm SO glad it did! I've been looking for a quality tan satchel for ages! I'm not sure if it's real leather or not (probably not) but it looks like its real so that's fine with me! It's so spacious inside, it can fit all my belongings, and I love the little pocket for my phone and iPod, etc :) It has a grab handle, as well as a long strap, which is really handy! Bargain :)

Leopard pashmina - WAS £14 NOW £6
I've been on the hunt for a leopard print scarf for ages now as all the celebs seem to be wearing them! I'll be wearing mine with a black blazer, skinny jeans and pumps for that Mary-Kate look :)

Camel button skirt - WAS £32 NOW £15
This was something a customer returned and I put it on hold right away! I wasn't sure about it at first as it's very clingy but it's so timeless I thought I'd get a lot of wear out of it :)

Tribal disc necklace - WAS £10 NOW £5
This was one of the few summer items I bought - I just love these statement necklaces! I'll be wearing it with a simple black jumpsuit and tan wedges. Also, it's amazing because it can be worn as a long pendant (above) or...
as a short, choker-style necklace. How versatile!

Dark denim bootcut jeans - WAS £20 NOW £10
I've never worn, or even bought, a pair of bootcut jeans before but I tried these on with a pair of tan wedges and they really elongated and slimmed down my legs! Well you can't go wrong there! I plan to wear them with a chic white blazer and a vest top or blouse. I have picked up a number of pairs of jeans in the Next sale - they really are amazing quality and last for AGES! I have to order the Petite length, though :-(

My budget was £60 but I used £5 of my own money to buy the necklace, so it came to £65 overall.

What do you think of the Next sale? Did you pick up any bargains?

Let me know! :)





  1. Great haul!
    I love scarf and skirt!!!:)

  2. Love the pashmina!

  3. sadly I arrived too late and it was just a jumble sale of stuff. Love the bags and scarf you bought :)

  4. @Nicole Thanks love, I know I was really lucky!

    @MakeupMonologue I know, I was so pleased! I love a bargain me! :D

    @Supergirl Me too! Have you bought anything in the Next sale before?

    @TheMake-upFairy Ooh me too, I can't wait to wear it in autumn!

    @Sophie Aww sorry love, it does tend to get like that :( It's definitely worth coming in on the day of the sale, you won't be disappointed I promise!