Friday, 12 August 2011

21st birthday presents round-up!

Hey ladies! (and lads, you never know)

Happy birthday to me!!!

For those of you that follow me on Twitter/are friends with me on Facebook you'll know that I turned the ripe old age of 21 last Thursday. I have to say I've dragged the celebrations out for almost a week lol, who wouldn't? It's your 21st!

I also shared my birthday with the one and only Barack Obama! Sadly my birthday wasn't a trending topic like his was, nor did Michelle Obama send out an email asking people to sign my birthday card, but luckily I didn't feel too overlooked on the day! lol

I will run through my outfits etc in another post but for now here's a run-down of the lovely presents I received, I was seriously spoilt by my friends and family! (don't worry - full reviews to follow!)

Well firstly my Nan got me this special 21st pillow that I can use as a keepsake, I might hang it on my door to remind me of my special day :)


Clockwise from left - ALDO Taneja wedges in Camel (bought with my birthday money - link!), H&M paisley scarf (gift from my friend Emily), Primark colour block clutch (bought with my birthday money), beaded necklace and Patrick Cox purse (both presents from my friends).

Primark colour block clutch

I picked this up on a whim in Primark Oxford Street for six quid last week. I was looking for an orange clutch to colour clash with a blue dress I was wearing but opted for this one with a pink strip detail on it instead. I matched my nails to the pink on the bag :)

Aldo Taneja wedges in Camel

Some of you may notice these wedges from my online birthday list. I wasn't lucky enough to receive them on my actual birthday but luckily they were in stock in Aldo on Oxford Street so I picked them up in the sale. They were still £45 (even in the sale!) but I figured they would go with ANYTHING! I love the cork heel as well, very summery :)

Victoria's Secret PINK PJ's

My other half picked these up for me when he was in the States! I've basically lived in them since I got them they're SO comfy! I feel like I'm one of the Saturdays when I'm wearing them!


As well as some lovely presents I received from my friends and family, I also went on a little haul of my own to a certain Oxford Street! Gotta love birthday money!

Topshop make-up: My lovely friend Flo bought me the LE Crayon in Equinox and I picked up the LE E/S mousse in Glint, LE Gloss stick in Ablaze and a cream blush in Pinch! Full reviews to follow :)

MAC: I received a full sized Fix+ and Paint Pot in Painterly from Flo (I know, lucky girl) and I picked up a travel sized Fix+, brush cleaner and lipstick in Cosmo for myself! Full reviews to follow of course :)

Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator in 02 Peach: This is my ULTIMATE go-to highlighter! You'll see it in most of my FOTN photos! It leaves a lovely iridescent bronze glow, very J-Lo!

Love & Beauty nail polish in Gold: My friend Claire (Claire's Curvy Couture) treated me to this from her trip to the States, it's right up my street and perfect for A/W11!


From L-R: Kim Kardashian, Jo Malone (candle) and Miss Dior Cherie

Jo Malone candle

This was a gift from my friend Lizzie, it smells absolutely DIVINE! It's such a lovely 21st birthday present, I can't wait to use it for special occasions :)

Kim Kardashian EDT

Another gift from my friend Claire, she knows me too well! I am OBSESSED with the Kardashians, especially Kim! Now I get to smell like her! ha :) It reminds me a little of my Jo Malone Orange Blossom perfume, not sure if they've got the same ingredients but it's definitely one of my new favourite scents!

Miss Dior Cherie EDP

Aah, such a classic :) This was my signature scent, until everyone and their aunt stated wearing it! Seriously! My friend Becky says this always reminds her of me so I was so happy when I received it last week - I looove it! I'm going to save it for special occasions so that I don't run out again!

The Body Shop skincare

My mum treated me to some skincare stuff from the Body Shop as my skin has been absolutely abysmal recently. I was using the Body Shop seaweed cleanser but it was just too mild for my skin, I needed something that would tackle oily, spot-prone skin... Hello the Body Shop Tea Tree range! I was treated to a Body Shop foaming cleanser, exfoliation wash and blemish prone night gel! I also received a Seaweed clay mask (clay masks suit my skin down to a t) and the Seaweed moisturiser as it contained SPF15 :) Full review to follow once I've had a chance to try it all!

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

This light-weight serum is just perfect for adding to damp ends, it leaves hair feeling lovely and glossy! You only need a tiny bit so a little goes a long way! Big thanks to the BF for this!


Possibly the best present of all!!! Ha. I was sent this massive sweet hamper from my relatives and I've been scoffing it ever since! I used to love going to old traditional sweet shops when I was a kid, it's like walking down memory lane! I also received some Milka from my friend Charlotte, YUM :)

How amazing do these cupcakes look?!

My friend Flo baked these for me from scratch, they taste delicious!!! I swear she should open a cupcake shop!

Top row L-R: Lemon meringue cupcake, caramel, strawberry cheesecake and bottom row L-R: Mocha, chocolate fondant and vanilla (I think!) My fave was definitely strawberry cheesecake, it had little bits of cheesecake in it, it was one of the nicest things I've EVER tasted!!!


What do you expect, it is my 21st! All grown up! One of my best friends Cordelia bought me the cute pink Filofax notepad! It's perfect for me because I'm an organisational freak, literally I write lists for EVERYTHING!

I also received one of my dream presents... A Filofax!!! (geek!) My friends always take the mick out of me saying I put everything in my diary lol but it keeps me sane, I have to write everything down!

I was lucky enough to receive the Cuban Personal Filofax in Chestnut which is a gorgeous, timeless tan colour with a tab closure :)

It's just perfect, it has a week to view diary as well as a load of other compartments at the end like addresses, receipts section etc. The only problem is I don't want to use it yet because I don't want to ruin it! I'm hoping it will last many a year :)

You can buy the Cuban Filofax here.

Claire also picked up these American magazines for me during her trip Stateside - what can I say, I'm Kardashian obsessed! lol.

FYI: She did NOT cheat!

However I think the best present of all has to be my FREEDOM!!!

I can now jump into this bad boy and go wherever the hell I want! I've always been jealous of car-owners, they don't realise how lucky they are to have to the independence to drive anywhere! I've had my licence for 4 years now but I've never been able to afford a car :( My Dad picked up this Y reg KA second hand and at first it wasn't what I was expecting (I wanted a Polo!) but now I love it :D

I will do an birthday outfits and make-up regime post soon!

What do you ask for for your birthday? Do you write a massive list like me or just wait and see what people get you?!

Let me know!




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  1. Happy birthday Sophia:)
    I never do any list, never asking for something:) Igive absolutely freedom to choose for my family and friends, but they know me very good. cuz im always happy with presents:)

  2. @Kia Yaay! How much do you love it?! :)

    @Supergirl Thank you! I do sometimes leave it up to my friends and family but as I'm so skint all the time it gives me a chance to ask for more pricey things that I can't afford! :)


  3. Wow you got some gorgeous presents! I usually make a list but my parents and boyfriend usually know what to get me as I'm easy to buy for (make up) lol x

  4. A happy belated birthday. Glad to see you were spoilt :)

  5. @Corrie I know! :D well that's true I wouldn't complain about new make-up!

    @TheMUF Thank you! I love birthdays!!!


  6. OMG You got a CAR for your birthday?! You're totally spoiled! Happy belated birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! You got some great presents :) enjoy your freedom, KA's are great cars! I have one too and love it xx

  8. @Gaby Well I got it a couple of months ago lol but it was my birthday present :) I had to pay for all the insurance/tax etc which is costing me a bomb but SO worth it! Thanks for the love!

    @Leanne I know, I was seriously spoilt! Oooh yay do you have any driving tips?!