Sunday, 11 September 2011

MAC make-up haul!

Hey loverrrs!

Hope you're all good :) I have recently acquired some new MAC make-up; some have been prezzies and others I have splurged on myself. I have to say I've been mightily impressed with everything so far, it certainly lives up to its adored reputation. Without further ado...

Brush Cleanser

Aah such a useful little concoction! Just spray a few squirts onto your dirty brush, give it a rinse with some warm water and voila! You're good to go. Not the most glamorous purchase in the world but hey-ho it's a necessity! The MUA in the shop said her foundation brush has lasted her years from using this stuff!


Now I have to say, I had heard some mixed reviews about this, with some saying it leaves your skin with a lovely dewy glow and others saying it's like spraying water onto your face ie pointless. Well IMO it's the former; it leaves my face looking fresh and zingy (if that's a word?) and my make-up stays on all day after using it. It does run out pretty quickly, though!

Travel sized Fix+

This one I pop in my handbag for touch-ups during the day, it's perfect for when you want to refresh your look but you don't want to have to apply a whole load of make-up again. Trouble is, I think it's LE :( and it was ridiculously expensive!!!

Paint Pot in Painterly

This was a birthday gift from my equally MAC-obsessed chum Flo and she's certainly come up trumps with this one!

This is a kind of half between a nude eyeshadow and an eyeshadow primer (it basically works as both). It's a very natural taupe shade that almost completely blends into your eyelid. I have to say I was expecting something slightly darker but I've still used the hell out of it nonetheless. It might have just started a little love affair between me and MAC paint pots. I'm talking about you, Indianwood and Bare Study! We shall see...

Cosmo Amplified Creme lipstick

Aahhh, eeee, oooohhh... who doesn't love a new MAC lipstick!

Is it the sweet vanilla scent? Is it the longevity? Is it the versatile range of colours? I don't know but there's something about MAC lipsticks that makes me go weak at the knees.

I picked up the shade Cosmo from the Amplified Creme range as it was described as 'your lips but better' and I was looking for a natural, rosy shade...

Here's my lips before...

and after...

WooHOOO! Hello glossy rosy pink lips...


My new favourite lippie... & believe me I own quite a few.


I forgot to mention, the boy picked this up for me from the States a while back.

LE Surf Baby lipstick in Hibiscus

A bright tomato red/coral in some lighting, it featured in MAC's LE Surf Baby collection and sold our EVERYWHERE (hence the sending him abroad to buy it out there. I joke)

Here's my lips before...

and after...

Honestly this was THE lipstick of the summer for me. It just suited my complexion down to a T; I could wear it during the day without a tan and it would look equally as good as when I wore it with shimmery highlighter and smokey eyes of an evening. Obvs it's not available to buy now but FYI it was 100% worth all those rave reviews!

Here's me rocking Surf Baby in the daytime...

and at night...

See, totally versatile!

What are your must-have MAC items? My 'Lingering' eyebrow pencil has just ran out and I'm debating whether to re-purchase!





  1. Cosmo looks amazing on you! Great haul x

  2. Ooh great haul :) I love mac lipsticks too, currently loving Hue! x

  3. I do love Hibiscus too. My absolute favourite mac product is Warm Soul Mineralize Blush.

  4. @Gaby Ooh thank you I've been wearing it non stop!

    @Corrie Ahh I will have to try that!

    @Gaelle OK I will definitely give that a go! :) thank youuu