Monday, 31 October 2011

No7 A/W11 voucher haul!

Hey loverrrrs!

Last week I visited the newly opened Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, London with the bf. We were of course expecting it to be busy as it was half term and it's obviously brand spanking new but MY GOD it was PACKED! It was so busy you could hardly move, the shops were so messy with stuff ALL over the floor, the sales assistants were overworked and thus, rude when approached, and overall we were relieved to leave the place! I almost bought some items in H&M but the queues were so long it put me off completely. It made me realise I am 100% an online shopper at heart! It suits me ALL the way! Luckily we had a lovely evening afterwards - a meal at Wahaca followed by a Snow Patrol gig, omg amaze.

Anyway the point I'm getting at is that I didn't buy anything in Westfield so I have nothing to show you guys, BUT I did buy some new bits from No7 in Boots recently so I'ma show you those instead :)

Here's what I picked up with my vouchers...

Quick Thinking 4 in 1 wipes (£2 with voucher, £7 without)

I've used these wipes before as an all-round cleanser, but now I only use them when I'm too lazy to properly cleanse my face! They are really handy when you've come in from a night out, but they don't replace a proper hot cleanse cleanser/cleansing lotion. It's miles better than leaving your make-up on overnight eh, & only takes a few minutes to do :)

Speed Dry & Stay Perfect Nail Colour (25p each!)

(from L-R: Violetta, Mink, Totally Teal, Temptress)

Now I can't believe this & I am eternally grateful to the lad at the Boots counter who let me get away with it... The nail polishes above were reduced to £3 in the clearance. They were also on a 3 for 2 offer so that's £6 for 3. Then he let me use my No7 voucher on top (which he wasn't supposed to!) so I got £5 off which made it £1 for 3 nail varnishes! I had another No7 voucher, so I got the last one free - so I got the nail varnishes for 25p each! :D

I picked up 2 Speed Dry and 2 Stay Perfect, but I can't tell much difference between them, because they're all quick drying, take 2 coats for full opacity and are all lovely, on-trend, vibrant shades. I've been wearing Teal and Mink the most!

Limited Edition Eye Colour in Pewter (£4 with voucher, £9 without)

I just HAD to pick up something from the LE A/W range! I had my heart set on the Stay Perfect Face Primer but it was completely sold out everywhere... So I settled for this liquid eye shadow instead.

It's a lovely, creamy pewter shade that glistens in the light and is perfect for a smokey eye. I probably wouldn't fork out £9 for it though...

Cheek Tint in 15 Rose Silk (£4 with voucher, £9 without)

I've had my eye on this product for AGES and I finally picked it up in this haul after swatching it possibly a million times!

The other colours in the range are Maple Silk and Peach Silk but I felt the Rose Silk was the most wearable, natural shade.

It's just perfect for adding a really natural flush of colour to the cheeks, ideal for when you're in a rush (which is basically all the time for me!) I just take a tiny swipe and rub it onto the apples of my cheeks with my fingers... Simples.

Exceptional Definition Mascara in Brown/Black (£7.50 with voucher, £12.50 without)

Aah, my holy grail mascara!!! I wear this mascara every day without fail as it creates natural, long, volumized lashes. I've used it for years and no other mascara has ever competed for a daytime mascara. I will always re-purchase this!

So overall I'm pretty pleased with my purchases, and I spent less than £20 on it overall! Some of them are re-purchases that I will always make with my vouchers, and others I have tried for the first time. I definitely trust the No7 brand and I can't wait to pick up my next lot of goodies!

What are your No7 favourites?

Let me know and I'll get them with my voucher next time!




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