Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bargain of the Week: £20 Matalan biker boots!

Hey loves! (wow I'm on a roll today!!!)

Now, I love nothing more than bringing you my 'bargain of the week' posts! In the past we've had a £2 manicure set, a £1 purse & a £5 dressing gown to name but a few! I know that this item is slightly more expensive than the others, but I just had to show you guys anyway as it's such a bargain IMO!!! Here we go...

It's these absolutely amazing short biker boots from Matalan! I have been searching for a pair like these literally since the end of summer! They're just perfect for throwing on when you want to be comfy but still stylish. I've been roaming all the fashion websites and they're all so expensive - Next have an almost identical pair for £60. Ridic!

Here they are in all their glory...

FYI, if you're thinking of getting these, I would say that the sizing is a bit off. I'm a standard size 4. I could barely get the size 4's onto my feet. So I bought the size 5's, but they're a bit loose. They're OK with a pair of thick socks on but they still kind of flip off at the back! Oh well... I'll be wearing mine with a Barbour jacket and skinny cords :)

You can pick them up in your local Matalan store or online here for £22. They also come in tan.

What boots are you rocking this winter? Will you be having a look in Matalan for a pair?




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