Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bargain winter clutch bags from Dorothy Perkins!

Hey Lilt ladies!

Now you guys know, I love me a bargain! There is NOTHING better than finding something you like, then going to the till to find it's reduced/in the sale/there's some crazy offer going on that you didn't know about! Well that's exactly what happened to me recently in Dotty P's...

I spotted these 3 gorgeous clutches in there, and me being me (ie shopaholic to the extreme) could not resist getting all 3... lol. HOWEVER I was overjoyed to discover upon payment that they were ALL in the sale, and they were also offering 20% student discount at the time! SCORE!!!

Let's have a look at what I picked up...

Burgundy faux leather clutch - £11 (£9.80 w/ student discount)

Now this beauty caught my eye instantly - I am OBSESSED with burgundy/port/wine/aubergine shades at the mo! They're just so lovely and wintery, you wouldn't catch me wearing it in the summer! Nonono. I love how this clutch can add a pop of colour to an all-black outfit. Love the gold clasp detail as well, v. snazzy!

Black patent & suede clutch - £10 (£8 w/ student discount)

I am a firm believer that you can never have too many clutch bags! Black clutch bags in particular. They very simply turn a daytime outfit into a glam party outfit! I already have a black patent clutch... and a black suede clutch... but I don't have a black patent AND black suede clutch! So now I've ticked that box :) it's lovely and roomy, too!

Leopard print faux suede clutch - £5 (£4 w/ student discount)

I know!!! Seriously, I know!!! What a bargain, right? I am ALL OVER leopard print at the mo, it's just so 'Kardashian' & oozes chic! Here's me rocking the leopard print clutch below...

Next on my wishlist is a pair of leopard print heels! HELLO!

I also picked up...
... this statement necklace for £1! What a bargain!

Have you picked up any bargains in DP's recently? If not, where's your place to bargain hunt?

I have to know!





  1. oooo lovely choices, you can never have enough clutches in my opinion ;) haha..i love dps on the sale especially for jewellery!!..outfit have loads of bargains on dp and freedom jewellery at the moment, most of it being £1.50 i had to look twice!! haha xx

  2. oh wow that's amazing! I wil defo have to look there :)!! xxx