Thursday, 1 December 2011

H&M winter '11 haul!

Hey ladies!

If you enjoyed my Primark winter haul then you will loooove this :) I haven't bought anything in H&M for months so I went a bit mad as you can imagine!!

Here's what I picked up...

Black leather look bag - £14.99

I was on the hunt for a black leather bag that I can wear on a day-to-day basis. At the moment, I'm using a black patent one that I purchased in the Next sale, but it's getting a bit knocked up from work tbh! This bag however is perfect! It's soo spacious, it fits all my essentials in (mag, filofax, make-up, notepad, water etc!) with room for more. It's also really simple and chic and so goes with ANYTHING! & it's a steal at £15! They had it in Mink as well which I very nearly bought... before I remembered that I always end up with biro on cream/mink leather bags! Boo! :(

Black skinny cords - £19.99

I tried on these cords in H&M Westfield Stratford City a couple of months ago when me and the boy went to see Snow Patrol in London. I really loved them, but I couldn't really carry them around with me to the gig etc! So I was overjoyed when I spotted them in Crawley in Saturday - I was worried they might have sold out! Now let me tell you something, they are sooo tight! Seriously. I hope they get a bit looser after a few wears lol. Also when I was trying them on, my mum decided that she wanted a pair too! What can I say, like mother, like daughter...

Black faux leather crop top - £14.99

I know, very daring! I love this top - It's so edgy & chic! I generally just love leather - trousers, skirts, bags, the lot!! I plan on wearing it with a bodycon skirt or a pair of cord shorts. Yum...

Black lace bodycon dress - £12.99

WooHOO, I know... £13!!! Such a bargain. I have a thing where I only wear 'going out' dresses once (I know!) so I was pleased that this dress came without a hefty price tag. OMG it's so tight though. I literally can't breathe in it lol. I see a pattern starting here... Lol. Maybe I need to stop eating all the pies!

Hair grips - £1.99

These are a staple of mine! I ONLY buy H&M hair clips - they're so cheap and last for years. Woop woop!

So that's it for my 'series' of haul posts. I ran out of money after that lol. The only money I will be spending in December is on Christmas presents! I just love spending money in general, so shopping for other people helps me to curb my spending cravings. I'm being serious!! Oh btw, my sister bought THE most stunning gold sequin bodycon skirt in H&M that I absolutely plan on stealing!! Love you Steph!! ;)

Have you picked up anything in H&M recently?? What do you think of my purchases?

Let me know!!





  1. Oh wow, I didn't know H&M did cords. I better get down there :)

  2. Love the lace dress! £12.99 what a bargain!!

  3. I love Primark;D Just few days ago bought pyjama there:)

  4. @Lily I know they're amazingg, I haven't stopped wearing them :)

    @Emily Me tooo! I can't wait to wear it :D

    @Supergirl Love Primarni!