Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Christmas wishlist as seen in this week's The Resident!

Hey peoples!

I hope you're all enjoying yourselves on this bladdy freezing day!! I've just been getting along with a load of overdue jobs and planning some imminent blog posts! I had a really lovely Christmassy day yesterday - I went to my sister's Christmas dinner at her school with my mum (reppin' Greenway!) and then went to The Resident's Christmas party at the Med Cafe. It was really nice to finally put faces to names... and let's just say something very exciting is happening with me there soon, will give you all the low down soon! :D

Speaking of The Resident, my column for them this month featured my Christmas wish list! I had to cut it down slightly (!!!) as it has about 30 items on it and I was only allowed 600 words. Lol. You can read the article in full by clicking on the image below or reading it on The Resident's website here - I'm on page 29! Alternatively you can pick up a copy in Horsham town, but be quick, their new issue comes out tomorrow!!
(please click on image to enlarge)

You can view my Christmas wishlist in its entirety on Amazon here.

What's on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Let me know!





  1. Didn't know you had a column in The Resident! Nice work lovely! Hope you get everything you wish for this year :) xxxx

  2. Aww thanks Meg!!! Yeah it's only monthly atm, but I've been promoted to weekly so hopefully you should be hearing (/reading) a lot more from me :) thanks for your support! & yeah fingers crossed for those prezzies!! :D xxx