Thursday, 1 December 2011

Primark winter '11 haul!

Hey gals!

How are you all?? I've been reading everyone's blogs this morning about Urban Decay's new Naked 2 palette (namely Anna & Holly's) - I have to say it looks delectable but I won't be adding it to my Xmas list as I've hardly even hit the pan on my Naked palette that I got last Christmas yet! I don't need 2! Esp not at £35!

Anyway, more to the point - over the weekend, I hit Primarni Crawley baby!!!

You might have seen my tweet on Saturday praising Primark - I guess I wasn't really expecting much from Primark as the last time I visited I hardly got ANYTHING! But this Saturday I was REALLY impressed! :D
Here are the bargains I picked up...

Wool glitter skater dress - £15

OK I was on the fence about this at first! By the time I'd been round the whole shop, I had two whole baskets full of stuff to try on. This was just one of those dresses I happened to throw in my basket lol! My sister & I tried these on together (she tried on the white) and I was actually quite impressed with it. Now I don't usually show my arms (don't know why, just have a thing about them) so I was a bit sceptical. But they looked OK in this :) But let me just say, this dress is not made for people with boobs!! I might have to tape them in! Lol... We plan on wearing these dresses on Xmas day :)

Camel cardi - £12

Ahh a lovely warm, comfy cardi! I don't like to spend much on knitwear because I always find I buy new cardigans/jumpers every year anyway lol so I was really happy when I found this. I would've preferred a cardi with buttons but I bought this anyway! It's one of my fave colours and really is soo warm :) FYI I bought the size 8 as it was longer in the body than the size 10... weird!!

White peter pan collar blouse - £10

Woop woop! I've been looking for a blouse like this for aaaaages! I had my eye on Pixie Lott's version for Lipsy but it was like £35+ and I couldn't afford that! The sleeves are slightly too long on this (damn being petite!/dwarf like) but it's still a bargain for a tenner. I can dress it up for a night out or dress it down for work. Yay! :D

Black tassel loafers - £10

These were just an essential that I needed to pick up for work! I decided that I'm just gonna buy cheap shoes for work cos they only get ruined anyway, so I picked up a pair of these for a tenner! They're actually really comfy and I haven't needed to break them in either. Result!

Black chain detail belt - £2.50

OK I am REALLLY gutted about this. I spotted this beautiful belt from the corner of my eye and figured it would be perfect for nights out! Look at the chic chain detail...

HOWEVER the chain detail is sewn into the belt, and some of the stitching has come undone!!! :( I'm gutted. Im'a need to buy some superglue and stick the chain back on! Oh well, I only lost £3 I suppose!

Black patent bag - £3 (was £7)
Can you believe this bag was in the SALE??? Primark is so cheap as it is, when things go in the sale they're dirt cheap!!! This bag was down from £7 to a bargain £3. It has a long shoulder strap so it can go across your body or... no surprise here... over your shoulder. Lol. I'm a big fan of black patent & the gold clasp detail is just divine! It's roomy as well... YAY!

Now I think you'll agree with me when I say I had a very successful trip to Primani!!

Have you picked up any bargains recently??





  1. Great post :) love the peter pan collar top! x

  2. @Corrie Thanks love! I can't wait to wear it :)

    @Nicole I know eh! Love a bargain me x