Friday, 6 January 2012

Next Winter Sale haul!

Hey lovelies!

How are we all tonight? Looking forward to the weekend? I'm just chilling out at home, sipping a mug of herbal tea and listening to Magic... I needed to relax after a rather stressful week...! First of all can I just say a big thank you to everyone for their lovely comments on my Christmas Day and New Year's Eve style post - it's so nice to have other bloggers' support, and reading such nice things! So thank you!!!

Anyway you will be surprised to read that I have done hardly any sales shopping this year. I just haven't had the time. The only sale I really take the time to go to every year is TOPSHOP's on Christmas Eve, but because I was working this year I wasn't able to go, and I didn't fancy ordering a load of stuff online that probably wouldn't fit! SOO whilst this NEXT haul may look like quite a lot, it was literally the only stuff I 'hauled' on this year and besides, I had my eye on most of the stuff even BEFORE the sale! So here's what I picked up... (FYI, everything was at LEAST half price!)

Fragrance diffuser set - WAS £16 NOW £8

Eeeek, I've been lusting after this product for AAAGES! Recently I've acquired a new fascination with fragrance diffusers. I purchased Next's Festive Spice fragrance diffuser in December and I just loved the scent, it was so nice to come home from work and have my room smelling all Christmassy. Not only that but I feel slightly uncomfortable/edgy with having candles lit in my room, so this is a nice compromise. These fragrance diffusers retail at £5e so I knew snapping this 4 piece set up for £8 (£2e) was a true bargain! I can't wait to smell them all :)

Chocolate scented candle - WAS £4 NOW £2

Now, dismissing everything I just said about not liking candles, I just couldn't resist this one! You know why...?

It smells like CHOCOLATE!!! I might not even light it - I might just keep smelling it, to curb my cocoa cravings, haha. It's delicious!

Glass tea light holder - WAS £3.50 NOW £1.50

Yeah, I know... LOL. The truth is, a couple of years ago I bought a packet of about 50 tea lights. Not sure why. I think it was to set a romantic ambience when the bf came to visit. I've not used them since so I figured buying this pretty tea light holder would give me an excuse to try and use them up? Let's see shall we!

Grey marl ballerina slippers - WAS £7 NOW £2

Yeah that's right... £7 down to just £2! That's £1 a slipper! What a bargain. A girl can never have too many slippers! I was tempted to buy these in Navy as well but I thought that was going a bit too far. They're super comfy and keep my tootsies nice and warm, result :)

Stripe slipper boots - WAS £10 NOW £5

I was looking ahead to the summer when I bought these, as I think my cosy cream fleece lined slipper boots that I bought from Next a couple of months ago are just going to make my feet too hot. These are a softer jersey material that I'm hoping will keep my feet a lot cooler. Definitely not because I split coffee all over my cream ones and they're non-machine washable... No, definitely not...

Black bejewelled headband - WAS £8 NOW £4

You may recognise this headband from a certain NYE outfit :) That was solely the reason I bought this to be honest as I thought it suited the 20's theme of the party, but I reckon I will get a lot of wear out of it anyway as I love the whole headband around your head thing... :)

Gold necklace - WAS £10 NOW £5

This was probably the only thing I HADN'T planned to buy! I know, out of all of this... lol. I figured a chic gold necklace never goes out of fashion and you can't go wrong for a fiver :)

Gold hoop earrings - WAS £6 NOW £2

Same with these really, as if I haven't got enough earrings already I decided I needed another pair! I've tried them on and they look a little chavvy... Let's hope they'll work with the right outfit, eh!

Black leather wash bag - WAS £18 NOW £8

Funnily enough, I actually bought this wash bag for my boyfriend for Christmas. Yes, it's a Menswear item. He loved it and I have to say I suddenly got well jel. So as soon as I saw that one of them went into the sale, I had to buy one for myself!

Black leather will never go out of style, and it's the perfect size to fit all my toiletries/make-up in my handbag, even if it does look a little 'macho'...

Black patent Mary Jane heels - WAS £30 NOW £14

And finally, saving the best 'til last! (well they were the most expensive!) I really DO NOT own a pair of heels like these; a smart pair of black heels that can be worn to work or for occasion wear. I actually wore them on NYE as I felt they suited the 20's theme rather well and I do think I will get a lot of wear out of them. Not only because they're chic black patent, but I also felt that my feet were properly 'strapped into' the shoes because of the strap! Oh, and did I mention they were half price? ;-)

So overall girlies I think I've done rather well. It came to just over £50 in total, and I saved a massive £61 on the original prices! I definitely think I will get a lot of use out of all the items and that's all my January sales shopping done now :) Also, if you're interested here's what I splashed the cash on in last year's January sales.

Have you been loving the Sales this year? Did you face the Next sale on Boxing sale?

Let me know!





  1. you have some great purchases loving the gold necklace and the shoes!!..i used to love shopping the next sale but after working there for a year and getting up uber early to work the sales shifts, combined with the crazy customers i just cant face going in till later in the week and then all the good stuffs gone :( haha xx

  2. Love the leather wash bag! Great haul!

  3. Great bargains, well done on finding such great things, x

  4. Next sales are always good but well done for braving them! I worked at next one summer and sale day was mayhem xx I spent a whole £5 on the sales this year! Purchases are over on the blog

  5. @Sophie Lou The shoes are fab they were so comfy on New Years! I know what you mean, I must've worked like 5 Next Sales but now so luckily I didn't have to get up at crazy o' clock to get this stuff lol. You should go a day or two after it starts cos that's when people start bringing stuff back :)

    @Cherry Thank you love!! Glad it's not too manly then lol x

    @Nicole Thank youu! :) I swear bargain hunting is in my blood! Lol x

    @Simderella I know, it IS mayhem... But totally worth it! Wow that is frugal! Love the cute bow belt, bows are definitely always in fashion! ;)