Monday, 9 January 2012

NOTD: New York Color Quick Dry in Manhattan & new watch!

Hey ladies!

Just a quick one, I'm knackered from LBT! Here's what I've been rocking on my nails today :)
It's from NYC's Quick Dry nail polish range and honestly it's absolutely fab. Dries in a minute, only needs 2 coats and the whole range boasts classic yet on-trend colours. You want to know the best bit? You can pick them up in Superdrug for less than £2!!! I also love their shade Canal Street which I always rock every Christmas (it's a lovely, shimmery wine red colour!)

You can view all my NOTD posts including the NYC Quick Dry range here.

Oh and while you're staring at my hands...

Did I mention I bought myself a new watch?

Nothing fancy but the one I was wearing prior was getting a bit tatty, I'd already had to get a new strap for it once and it was just looking a bit run down. Not only that but it kept stopping... Would normally be OK, if it wasn't a watch and you needed it to be accurate!
My new one is from Next (no surprises there) and it retails for £18. It features a real tan leather croc effect strap and a rectangular face with a gold edge.
It's no Michael Kors (maybe one day...) but it tells the time, non?

I have to say also, without being completely biased, that it is worth popping into Next if you're on the hunt for a new watch as most of them are under £20 :)

What are you sporting on your nails/wrist today?




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