Saturday, 3 March 2012

February in Pictures

Evening everyone :-)

I just read a girl, a style's February in Pictures and it inspired me to do the same...

Nando's with Nick / A snowy Horsham park / Pizza Hut / Homemade omelette
Starbucks / New hair / Homemade banana loaf / French nails
Candle lover / Smokey eye / Curry night / Boi-ing re-purchase
IKEA / Green & Black's in the evening / Heatmag / Bella Italia

If I could describe February in one word, I would probably have to say... OK I can't choose just one word... But it's certainly been 'a journey'... Which I'm not at the end of yet!

How would you describe February in one word? Send me the links for your February in Pictures/February favourites too, I love to read them :-)





  1. id probably say February in a word was 'hectic' haha, great minds and all that jazz i was thinking earlier about doing a similar post haha :) xx

  2. Haha how funny! I only did it cos someone else did lol, will check yours out now. Why's it been hectic hun? Xxxx