Monday, 5 March 2012

IKEA haul!

Hey guys!

I hope you've all had a mellow/manic Monday (depending on which you prefer! haha). I've just found out I'm going to see The Wanted tonight with my sis, so I'm having a listen to some of their tracks at the mo to get me in the mood :-)

So recently I tagged along with my Mum for a trip to IKEA in Croydon. Cue obligatory Instagram IKEA photo...

Don't you just love it! It's so organised, structured and efficient - right up my street (I'm a real neat freak!) haha. I remember walking around the Kids section when I was younger and staring at all the amazing lights and teddies, etc! Now I'll tell you what, walking around as a grown adult has made me really want my own home to decorate! That would just be a dream! So obviously I don't have my own house at the moment so I couldn't exactly get much, but I did pick up a couple of bargains!

BOLMEN scales - £3.29

I saw these and I thought 'ooh, I could do with a pair of scales!' I have no idea how much I weigh and it would probably be quite useful to know! 3 squid is a massive bargain as well, and they don't need batteries...result!

OLEBY travel mug - £3.99

Now this was the one thing I actually went in for! I'm a self-confessed coffee addict and my current travel mug just isn't cutting it. It does the job but it doesn't have a handle so I can't bring it for walks or to the beach or anything!

FYI, if you're a bit on the skint side but can't kick the coffee habit like me, bring your own ready made flash to work/uni! That's what I did and it saved me SO much money! I'd just buy those Nescafe sachets from Poundland, make it up every morning and pop it in my bag for when I needed a quick caffeine fix. Also works for soup etc! You can thank me later :-)

GALEK tea light holders - 99p
OK so a couple of years ago I bought about a squillion tea lights for no apparent reason and they're really not going down anytime soon! So I bought these pretty tea light holders to scatter around my room :-) You can't really go wrong for 20p each!

TINDRA scented candles - 89p each

BARGAIN OF THE WEEK!!! lol these are absolutely AMAZING! I already owned an IKEA TINDRA scented candle in the rose scent and I love it, so I picked up 2 more flavours; exotic fruit and vanilla. I can't WAIT to use them! If you ever go to IKEA you have to visit their candle section, seriously I could've spent HOURS in there! These are massive btw, about the same size as your standard Jo Malone candle.

JOKER candle dish - 39p

Recently I found a random candle that didn't come in a jar or anything so I've been lighting it anyway, not really sure what to do with it when it reaches the bottom... Now I've got this handy little dish to pop it on, yay!

HYLTA tape measure - 49p

Doesn't really need explaining... a tape measure for 49p... win!

Have you been to IKEA recently? Picked up any bargains?

Let me know!




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