Monday, 21 May 2012

Weekend OOTD: Cinema night

Hey peeps!

How are y'all? I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that your Monday wasn't too shabby :-)

Recently my other half and I went to our local cinema to see Avengers Assemble and I like to think I dressed up for the occasion!


Cropped black jacket - F&F at Tesco (see blog post)
Cream crochet neck blouse -
Black linen trousers - ASOS Petite
Black patent pumps - Next (see blog post)
Nude leather bag - Next
Black patent belt - Next (see blog post)
Tan watch - Next

I am aware I look like a female MJ here but being so bladdy short I struggle with black trousers and these are like the only ones I've got! I also need to work on my obsession with black and aversion to colour as I'm getting a little samey!

Anyway the date night was lovely and it's nice to do things like that and catch up! FYI I was not overly impressed with Avengers Assemble - the jokes seemed too contrived and the storyline was a bit, well...meh!

Do you dress up for the cinema? If so what kind of outfit do you wear?

Let me know!





  1. you look gorgeous :) i must admit i do like dressing up for the cinema, even if its just a blazer and heels :) xx

  2. You look gorgeous! You look amazing in those trousers.
    I dress up a bit for the cinema, but I need to wear something comfy too because I like crossing my legs like i'm in a primary school assembly when I watch a film (which probably makes me really weird.. ha) xx

  3. @Sophie Lou Thanks hun! Yeah I'm totally the same, I like getting dressed up for the cinema too :-) xxx

    @Leanne Haha yes me too! I like to get all cosy in the cinema! :-D