Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Savers Bargain Beauty Haul ft. Pure, St Moriz, Elegant Touch and Collection 2000

Hey ladies!

How are you all? Isn't the weather just HORRID!!! I hate it! :-( I got my old riding boots and faux barbour jacket out today for the first time in MONTHS - boo hoo! :-(

Anyway, more to the point - I popped into my local branch of Savers recently and nabbed a couple of bargain beauty items. In case you don't have a Savers near you, but it's basically just like a Wilkinsons, but they stock some discontinued make-up etc as well. 
Here's what I picked up:
From L-R: Pure BB Cream in Light, Cuticle Sticks, St Moriz Tanning Mitt, St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse, Elegant Touch Classic French X-Short False Nails, Collection 2000 Waterproof Skyscraper Mascara

Pure BB Cream (Light) - £1.99
I've been eyeing up BB creams for almost a year now, but I've yet to actually give into the hype and buy one. I've read so many good things about a few different brands, including Garnier, Clinique and Sanctuary Spa, but personally I prefer a more medium-full coverage (especially at the moment, as my skin is covered in blemishes!) so I thought for just £2 I could give BB creams a whirl and see what I thought.

Here's the Pure BB Cream in Light swatched on my hand (left without flash, right with flash) and the bottom swatch is the BB cream blended into my skin:
Sadly, this product is WAY too dark for my skin! :-( Although it is the lighter shade out of the two, it's way too orange for my NC15 complexion. The product itself looked OK - it was a bit of a mission to get out of the tube, but if you're looking to try a BB cream and you're darker skinned than me, this product may be suitable for you.

 Cuticle sticks - 99p
These are an essential item in my nailcare routine :-) I apply cuticle cream and then push my cuticles back with these. I go through them quite quickly as the end of the stick needs to be nice and sharp, so I was really pleased when I found them in Savers for just 99p! Bargain :-D

St Moriz Bronzing Mousse (Medium) - £2.99 and Self Tan Application Mitt - £2.99
Usually I just wear Garnier gradual tan, but when I've got a special occasion coming up like a night out or a birthday, I like to go a little extra glam and wear some fake tan! I've tried different brands in the past like St Tropez and Fake Bake so I'm looking forward to seeing how St Moriz compares. The thing I don't like about it is that it's coloured, so you can't exactly apply it in the morning and go out during the day - it has to be left to develop overnight, which isn't great when I'm staying round the fella's! I also picked up a fake tan mitt as my Body Shop one is getting rather old and tattered to say the least!

Elegant Touch Classic French X-Short Nails - £2.49
I don't usually sport fake nails, but when I do, I wear Elegant Touch. This is the exact design I usually wear, as they're short and natural looking. These usually retail for £6+ each in Superdrug so I was thrilled to find them in Savers for half the price! I instantly popped them into my basket and I am thinking about purchasing some for 'back up', too!

Collection 2000 Skyscraper Waterproof Mascara - £1.49
Finally, I picked up this Collection 2000 mascara on a complete whim. Normally I read a hundred different reviews and swatch something loads of times before I buy it, but with this I thought I couldn't go wrong for a quid!
It features one of those plastic wands similar to that of L'Oreal Telescopic, and is designed to lengthen your lashes. This is ideal for me, as I have really short, stumpy lashes! It's also supposed to be waterproof which is another plus :-)
My bare lashes are on the right, and my eyelashes using Skyscraper are on the left. As you can see, it doesn't make a massive difference, but you can see some length It certainly works in terms of longevity; my eyelashes stayed like that for hours and it was very stiff to remove! However it doesn't exactly compare to the Clinique mascara I reviewed yesterday...

TOTAL: £13

I think I made some massive savings in Savers today (excuse the pun!) and I will definitely be popping into the store in the future to pick up some more beauty bargains :-) If you're interested, here's the website - although you can't shop online unfortunately.

Have you shopped in Savers before? Where's your best place to pick up a beauty bargain? 

Let me know!



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